Why am i sick everyday! all year round!?

Why am i sick everyday! all year round!? Topic: Why am i sick everyday! all year round!?
May 26, 2019 / By Clinton
Question: runny nose, with one nostrill blocked and watery eye EVERYDAY!! :( all year round!!! what r some immune system boosters?
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Anscomb Anscomb | 2 days ago
Ur immunity is very low. Add oranges to ur diet they really helped me build up my immune system! Good luck :)
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Anscomb Originally Answered: Can my 8 month old and two year old get sick form cat fecis?
Yes there are many zoonotic diseases you can catch from animal feces. Roundworms, hookworms can be caught. There are also as protozoa which include giardia and coccidia which cause intestinal problems. Have him wash his hands. Children are more susceptible because their immune systems are not as strong. Your husband could contract these too if he doesn't wash his hands well. The veterinarian I work for caught giardia from one of our patients. He washed his hands but not well enough, and ate something. He got really sick.
Anscomb Originally Answered: Can my 8 month old and two year old get sick form cat fecis?
Well i don,t believe your 8 month or 2 year old will get sick from the cat feces...because they are not in con tacked with it unless they are playing in it themselves....mommy don,t be so upset and do not freak out.... like you are doing now....They are going to get a lot of other germs as they touch and crawl around the floors.. and you worry about the doors, remotes, phones....i am sure they do not touch the doors and play with the remotes and use the telephone or tv,,,,,,,,they are to young and i am sure you do not let them play with those articles as young as they are you and your husband are the ones who uses those things you are talking about and if they would be germs on them then you adults are the ones who would put them there I DO AGREE THAT YOUR HUSBAND SHOULD WASH HIS HANDS AFTER CLEANING THE B

Traci Traci
You definitely have an allergy problem. You shouldn't have waited all this time to check this out. Go to a ENT doctor as soon as you can, discuss the problem with him and he will most probably prescribe allergy medication for you to take. Get well soon!
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Saffie Saffie
Ya my left eye waters every morning. Some ppl say I could have an infection so it may be the same thing for you... Ps David, your a showoff but you have a hot body.
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Saffie Originally Answered: what to do sick 4 year old with constipation, fever and headaches?
constipation can really keep a child in a bad condition. Try taking a small piece of a bar of soap, I mean just a teensy bit, have the child put the teensy piece right up where the poop should be coming out. With my 6 yr old nephew, it saved him from the hospital. Seriously, he put it up there, and began to just unclog himself, right away. His fever disappeared and the headaches were gone, as well.

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