what would happen if all of America switched to organic?

what would happen if all of America switched to organic? Topic: what would happen if all of America switched to organic?
June 17, 2019 / By Clint
Question: I mean ALL OF AMERICA.and EVERYTHING ORGANIC.is that even possible?Would it be beneficial or full of concequences?
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Best Answers: what would happen if all of America switched to organic?

Anscom Anscom | 1 day ago
first off, that is NOT possible because switching to organic farming would reduce the amount of crops and livestock that are grown for human consumption (not just for food, but for clothing, etc..) also, going organic would be very difficult if not near impossible for livestock because of the vaccinations needed to keep the livestock healthy and free from diseases (like rabies) comparing the consequences to the benefits, the consequences would out-weight the benefits overwhelmingly. like i mentioned with vaccinations with livestock to prevent rabies, there's no way to prevent that disease "organically" and with certain pests and diseases with crops, you need chemicals (pesticides and herbicides) and fertilizers to keep the crops healthy. and one problem with the soil that will ruin a crop really quick is the nematode- the cost of getting rid of that soil pest organically would cost a LOT LOT LOT LOT more than if done with chemicals. and, due to not using chemicals and fertilizers, crops and livestock would suffer- they wouldn't be as healthy and how much the crop would produce would GREATLY decrease too also, agriculture is the backbone of the USA, so if every farmer in the USA switched to organic farming, there would me MILLIONS of people who would be jobless because of the MANY jobs that would be shut down due to the switch. the average person doesn't believe this, but for every 7 people, 1 person (maybe even more depending on where you live) will be involved in ag., so by cutting out the chemical plants and fertilizer plants, ect.. many people would be jobless, and think about it, if that happened (switching to orgnaic) that would worsen the economic situation that we're in now also-- BigNorsk -- everything is NOT organic now, organic is not that common in the ag. industry and if the whole USA switched to 'organic' farming, i know at LEAST 100 people where i live who would be out of a job.. you and/or your parents probably would be too... ag. isn't just about farming really the only people who should answer this is if they acutally know a good bit about ag. (like have farming in their family or something) but oh well..
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Tracey Tracey
It would cause massive economic ramifications and the destruction of the current agricultural industry. Huge amounts of American aggriculture are GM and use artificial fertilisers, to create the switch not only would the bottom fall out of the organic market as mass influx american goods would cause the previous prift of the market to be lessend or removed completely. However it would be more eco friendly, though the sheer cost of causing the entire USA in a time of economic recession (near depression) would be suicide for the USA. Also since the international food market is still suffering from the mass introduction of biofuels and therefore spiralling food costs (even a bananna shortage) this would only serve to worsen the problem. Perhaps even causing mass food shortages across the world. Though it may be conisdered a good idea, the time is not right.
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Sadie Sadie
An immediate switch would be deadly as organic ag is dependent on soils that are alive and conventional farming with all its synthetic fertilizers and chemical pesticides leave the soil essentially lifeless. It takes 7 to 15 years to rehab such soils so that organic management will work. So there would be about a decade of very bad yields before the soils would be healthy and could start out producing the conventional farms Another problem is organic farm management and huge mono cropping do not fit well together. organic farms do best when diversified-have both crops and livestock on the farm and crops are not just commodity grain crops but also fruits and vegetables Another problem is labor. Right now under 2% of the US population farms either full or part time. this is possible because conventional agriculture replaces human labor with machines and chemicals. So for organic to work we will need at least a million new farmers. The farms will need to be broken into smaller parcels so they are human scale and not machine/industrial scale. With smaller farms we will need to develop a regional food shed infrastructure. the Green Revolution has pretty much destroyed the rural infrastructure-no longer does every small town have a grain mill, a hatchery, a slaughterhouse etc which makes it extremely difficult for farmers to get their crops and livestock processed and made into a salable product. I happen to be lucky to live in an area where several small farms got into milling and processing livestock and other necessary businesses for the rural infrastructure but we would need much much more nationwide-there are literally tens of thousands of towns that have disappeared from the world due to industrial agriculture. So a sudden switch would mean potentially huge problems but if we could give it ten years to get the soils ready, a million new farmers trained and the rural infrastructure rehabbed than i think this would work and work for the long term. we do have the serious issue of what happens to agriculture when the petroleum gets too expensive to use for farming. i have noticed when I ask other farmers about this i get not response. people you need to start thinking about this NOW and not wait until it is too late and you have lost your farm and the people starve because there will not be nearly enough of us sustainable farms to produce the food we will need.
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Neva Neva
Ummm, I hate to be a doomsayer, but do you realize that fertilizer the corporate farmers use comes from petroleum? Now with the problems we are having with the oil, what do you think the future of fertilizers is? Also, pesticides come from oil too. We had better learn how to farm organically on a large scale or we be fuu-cked
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Luvinia Luvinia
It makes me unhappy that the Liberal politicians who declare they guard human beings do no longer pass a regulation that stops intense fructose corn syrup and msg from being utilized in nutrition. the two a style of things, alongside with weight loss plan gentle beverages are believed to be the main important reason such somewhat some all of us is starting to be fat.
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of course China is safer, needless to say. in USA, in many bad neighborhood guns are easier to buy than organic foods. i dare not walk alone in ANY big city in America, not even in my nice neighborhood at night. but i dare walk in ANY big or small city in China, alone at night. Period.

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