Drugs that can cause this?

Drugs that can cause this? Topic: Drugs that can cause this?
October 23, 2019 / By Cliff
Question: Today I found out my dad is addicted to drugs, i am his son he has a 15 yr old (me) and a 4 year old daughter. He told my mom he's been doing them for about 2 months now. He use to weigh 210 pounds now he only weighs 190. He got really sick for about 2 weeks, he threw up literally every few hours. He said everything on his body hurt him. He checked into a rehab this morning. I am just wondering what kind of drug can cause this, I'm pretty sure he bought it on the street somewhere.
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Andy Andy | 8 days ago
It sounds like it could be meth or speed they both cause extreme appetite suppression witch might be why he lost so much weight, but it also sounds like a opioid withdrawal to since you stated that he said that his hole body felt hurt. Its possible that your dad may have been 'speedballing' witch is mixing ether meth, speed or cocaine with morphine or heroin in the same syringe you could just ask your mom if she knows you'll know what it was sooner or later any way
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Andy Originally Answered: How many people agree that natural marijuana is safer than chemical drugs i.e., prozac and other drugs?
All those drugs you get in the pharmacy have many hamful side effects that pot doesnt have, your absolutly right. Marijuana actually has many helpful benefits toward diseases / sicknesses. Marijuana can reduce nausea, vomiting, and loss of appetite caused by AIDS. It can Reduce interlobular pressure, which alleviates the pain and slowing and sometimes even stopping the progress of glaucoma. Common side effects of chemotherapy are nausea, loss of appetite, and vomiting, all of which marijuana would help. It can limit muscle pain and relieve tremor nad unsteadiness of gait for multiple sclerosis patients. Marijuana can help prevent epileptic seizures in some patients. It can also alleviate chronic, often debilitating pain caused by myriad disorders and injuries. Each one of these applications have been deemed legitimate by at least one United States court, legislature, and/or government agency. Due to these reasons and many others many people are going to jail/prison on a daily basis due to simply smoking a little pot These aren't dangerous criminals that would kill or rape someone. Many of them are teachers, lawyers and respected members of their communities. But yet we still pay thousands of dollars of tax payers money to lock up non dangerous "criminals" yearly even though most aren't going to stop after they get out of jail. Don't you think the money spent here is a waste? Couldn't it be going to more useful things such as hospitals, disease research, or better schools? These are the things that would benifit the people of this country. Certanily you would rather benefit the people more than throwing a non violent pot head in jail who was only trying to smoke a joint and relax after a long days work in jail. There is up to forty million regular (note thats just the regular not occasional users) drug users in the United states. If we were to throw all of them in jail it would cost $500,000 per million people, plus the cost and space of building many more prisons. Couldm't that money be spent on building hospitals? There's already about 1.5 million people tax payers are paying to keep in jail over drugs. From 1990 to 2003, nearly 5.9 million people had been arrested for smoking marijuana. Thats a greater number than the entire population of Alaska, Delaware, The District of Columbia, Montania, North and South Dakota, Vermont, and Wyoming combined. This country simply can't afford to put 40 million more in jail. Marijuana should be legalized. It has many uses such as helping sick patients. People are going to smoke it no matter what the government sais, and with out govenment guidelines this can be dangerous. Not to mention the fact that we have no way we can afford to throw all those people in jail. Its much less harmful than alcohol and tobacco, which are legal, so doesn't it make sense that it would be also?

Toya Toya
Hum...If "atheistism" is a new disease that hasn't been recognized by the medical community just yet, you may be right. Maybe cocaine and heroin increase your chances of contracting a severe case of Atheistism. If you meant ATHEISM, then I'd tell you to lay off the drugs because they have made you a very confused individual.
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Sable Sable
Sounds like pain killers, or possibly heroin. (It's the same basic addiction.) I'm soooo sorry to hear of your families situation. But the good part is he is getting help with it. There are some better medications and methods for dealing with it now. The fact that he checked himself in on his own is a very good sign. Best wishes to you and yours!
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Nessie Nessie
Honestly, it could be any drug really. Addiction makes people sick and they don't care for themselves ( losing weight, etc) you could try asking your mom if she knows. I'm 15 too! Stay strong and good luck
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Lucy Lucy
basically anything but weed can completely F*ck you up, destroy you, and make your life miserable, and even ruin the rest of your life.
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Lucy Originally Answered: Why do people take prescription drugs?
First of all, there are almost no side effects that happen all the time. Many of those wouldn't happen in even 1/100 cases. Secondly, you have obviously never been depressed, or had any of these at levels where you need prescription strength medicine. Remember, the reason these side effects happen is because the medicine is so strong, and the medicine is so strong because it has to be. Many things which need prescription can literally ruin your life or kill you. It's not ideal, but with proper medical care, these side effects can almost always be avoided, and the disease/syndrome/whatever you need it for can be medicated. tl;dr People really need them and they rarely have any of these affects.

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