Help - undiagnosed stomach pain?

Help - undiagnosed stomach pain? Topic: Help - undiagnosed stomach pain?
October 20, 2019 / By Clayton
Question: I get debilitating stomach pains when I run on an empty stomach that can be alleviated only by drinking Maalox. It can also happen when I don't eat for an extended period of time but is usually less severe. I have had an upper GI, H. pylori and Celliac disease tests and everything was normal. Does anyone know what this might be? I've also had gallbladder disease (removed 6 years ago) and suffer from bouts of constipation and diarrhea and have hemorrhoids and gas (fun fun!)
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Amos Amos | 9 days ago
Sounds a little bit like an ulcer. When you have an empty stomach you feel it more prevalent. I do have an ulcer and if I go awhile without food, then I start getting horrible pains. It has a need to be coated. What you need to do is allow the ulcer to heal. If you are drinking coffee, then you need to stop immediately. Caffeine is a huge no-no for ulcers. Spicy foods and tomatoes can really cause pain to flair. Your diet will have to be bland for a few weeks but eventually it will heal. Try not to stress yourself out!
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Amos Originally Answered: Undiagnosed Stomach Problems.?
What an utterly frustrating experience! It took me five ER visits before a smart doctor ordered an ultrasound. They accused me of having acid reflux or constipation. There are several blood tests to aid in detection cholecystitis (gall bladder disease) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cholecystit... An ultrasound of the gall bladder and biliary duct can confirm the diagnosis as well as a CAT scan or MRI. For me, the pain was not unbearable, but quite terrible. Pain medication was useless. Following laparascopic surgery, I needed a single 2mg morphine pill to get into bed at home. Never needed more pain medication during my recovery, such as Vicodin. In the hospital 2 times for different laparoscopic surgery I was given an on-demand morphine drip. I never became morphine dependent. One to two milligrams is sufficient to put me to sleep, never loopy. The stuff is amazing! The bad side effect of most pain meds is the terrible constipation. Be persistent. Ask your doctor to explain why you don't have gall bladder problems. In language you understand. Best wishes for you!

Tony Tony
When you know you are going to run can you make sure you have a snack a few hours earlier. I peel an apple & dip it into peanurt butter & eat half at 9 in the morning & the other about 3 & it has helped me to keep my blood sugar level & I think it would help you...It also helps with constipation. Try it & you will see.
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Ruby Ruby
Its Real great to have liquids alot and make sure when you need to go to the rest room you do it also try advil or tylenol DO NOT HAVE MILK ! it will ruin it also try to rub it alot and get some rest i wish you the best !
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Nell Nell
well it means ur hungry and ur body will strt to eat ur fat. that is not good, always feedurself enough to sustain u. http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AijRhorP6iHdtYAVw3lQnd3sy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20080915184638AAMTEd5
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Nell Originally Answered: My friend has problem with his Stomach. He can't digest almost all meals easily, has pain always in stomach and suffering with constipation?
he probably has IBS (irritable bowl syndrome) or not eating enough fruit and veg! I have this issue!

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