Good high protein/low carb breakfast for daughter?

Good high protein/low carb breakfast for daughter? Topic: Good high protein/low carb breakfast for daughter?
October 20, 2019 / By Clark
Question: My child is borderline hyperactive and it helps her to have high/protein/low carb meals. What are some good ideas for her breakfast and lunch? I always use whole grain breads and try to stay away from refined flours and sugars. Just looking for some new creative ideas. Thanks!!!
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Ammihud Ammihud | 5 days ago
My son is diabetic, i also give him low carb meals. Breakfast, Bacon and Eggs or canadian bacon and eggs, sausage. Peanutbuttersandwich and milk. Cereals who are low in sugars like cheerios, kix, special K. Lunch, Sandwich whole wheat, lunchmeat, cheese. Snacks with almost no carbs are cheese sticks, sugar free jello or popsicles, beef jerkey, peanuts, veggies, lunchmeat. Hope that helps a little
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Ammihud Originally Answered: Good high protein low carb foods not too expensive?
egg whites...lots and lots of egg whites. i usually have 3 egg whites and 1 whole egg scrambled up or in a omelet for breakfast. plus eggs are dirt cheap.

Tirzah Tirzah
http://recipecircus.com/recipes/Rcy66y/BREAKFAST/ZIPLOC_OMELET_.html Check this out, easy to prepare the night before and a really good b'fast.
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Rozanne Rozanne
I love a good breakfast smoothie...and it usually tastes like dessert, so I imagine it would be fairly popular with children, too. You can get really creative with them...adding whatever fruits or vegetables you like. The nice thing is that you don't have to worry too much about precise proportions. One of my favorite combinations is as follows: About 1 cup Soy Milk (awesome for protein) About 1 cup Unsweetened Orange Juice with Calcium (pineapple also works well) 6-10 Baby Carrots (don't worry, she won't be able to taste them) 5-6 Frozen Strawberries 1 Ripe Banana 6-10 Ice cubes Mix all of these in a blender and pour in a cup. She might even have fun helping you add things to the blender. The fiber is awesome, it's cholesterol-free (and very low fat), nutrient rich and all the sweetness comes from non-refined sugars. You can also use rice milk which I find to be a little sweeter than most soy milks. If you add some sweeter fruits, pineapple for example, additional sweetener won't be necessary. Other fruits that work well are: apples, peaches, mangos and berries of all kinds. You can also add vegetables like broccoli or greens. Coconut milk is also a good alternative to soy or rice milk. Adding some nuts like almonds makes it a little crunchy and adds a lot more protein. Good Luck!
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Nehushta Nehushta
Check out Barry Sears book "Eating in the Zone" A good breakfast for a girl would be 4 egg white with 3 slices of turkey bacon and 1/2 oatmeal. When you mix protein and oatmeal it converts the carb. in the oatmeal to a protein and you will get the benefits of both. Add in a 1/2 piece of fruit and cook the eggs in olive oil. Because I don't know your eating habits, or your daughters likes and dislikes, this is just a sample of what Sears offers in his book. There are smoothies, snacks, and kids foods listed.
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Nehushta Originally Answered: Carb Cycle for bodybuilding low carb high protein food?
I'm 6'1" and 180 lbs. There are amounts of each I eat, but those are only appropriate for my stats. This is to give you an idea of what to eat on your low carb days. This is my low carb days. meal 1 oats whey protein powder fish oil meal 2 mixed frozen veggies skinless chicken breast ground flax seed meal 3 mixed frozen veggies scrambled egg whites nuts meal 4 mixed frozen veggies skinless chicken breast ground flax seed meal 5 mixed frozen veggies skinless chicken breast ground flax seed meal 6 oats whey protein powder fish oil 1730 calories, 185 protein, 128 carbs.

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