Do I have lupus?

Do I have lupus? Topic: Do I have lupus?
June 27, 2019 / By Clarence
Question: I have raynuads, chronic erticaria(which no one knows why) and I have been tested for lupus twice. Both times I was tested it came back with a alow positive reading
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Amminadab Amminadab | 4 days ago
I totally relate to your struggling for a diagnosis. The key is to find a good rheumatologist. I did and it made a HUGE difference. The problem with diagnosing lupus is that you have to meet 4 of the 20 some odd markers they look for. Translation: there is no black and white diagnosis; it is definitely not a yes or no question. I needed the label - but now having been diagnosed, realized that the treatment did not differ. If you are not currently suffering from lupus, you could later in life. Either way, I hope you don't and focus more on the treatment of your symptoms and make sure your doctor is taking that into consideration when prescribing your meds. Also, be aware of lifestyle changes that must occur. Slow down in life and relieve your stress as much as possible. Sleep more and do research so you understand as much as you can about lupus. Lupus "flares" can be triggered by the simplest actions, so be aware of how to take care of yourself. Best of luck and find a fab rheumatologist!
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Amminadab Originally Answered: Can I have lupus at 26?
The majority of our patients are females aged between 15 to 45 but we have known babies to have lupus. It can occur in younger people, especially teenage girls - this seems to be triggered by puberty and hormonal changes. The younger people are often misdiagnosed with 'growing pains' or juvenile arthritis. So to answer your question the majority of patients are 15 to 45 but lupus can still manifest itself at ANY age even though its less common outside those age ranges. It's always a good idea to have the test if you 'might' have lupus at least it eliminates it if nothing else. Hope that helps.

Tiphanie Tiphanie
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Roz Roz
Your doctor would know better than we would! If you aren't getting good answers from him (or her), seek a second opinion. And no on Yahoo.
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Natisha Natisha
Go to the folowing site: http://www.uklupus.co.uk/story4.html Usually there are painful joints, enlarged spleen, hepatitis, high fever, extremely high white count. ...
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Natisha Originally Answered: Could I have Lupus? Or could it be something else?
Many of the symptoms that you have reported are also reported by those with Lupus. It is important to make an appointment with your doctor. Keep a daily log of your temperature as well as other symptoms. This will be a great help to your doctor in diagnosing you. You will have to have blood work done. Blood work alone cannot diagnose Lupus you need to present certain symptoms. One misconception that needs to be cleared up. There is no proven family causal link in Lupus. It is believed to be a combination of genetic and environmental factors. So just because you have Lupus 'in the family' doesn't mean that anyone in your family is more or less likely to have the disease. The most important thing is that you are seen by a doctor. Good luck to you.

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