What should I do for my birthday?

What should I do for my birthday? Topic: What should I do for my birthday?
June 17, 2019 / By Clancey
Question: I am turning 13 Friday and I want to take a Friend or Two somewhere really kewl but not super expensive because we dont have a lot of money. I dont want to do movies or bowling or taking a friend to the mall because I did movies last year and bowling the year before and mall costs to much. I live near Kansas City. dont really want to do anything at my house...its not really big enough to do anything LOL Chuck E Cheese actually sounds fun...never really have grown out of it or the play places at Burger King and Mcdonalds
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Amittai Amittai | 1 day ago
go ta chuckee cheese be a lil kid again... lol you shoule go out for pizza and like juss end up walking places and go inside to do stuff or go to yur house and hang out
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Amittai Originally Answered: I don't know what to do for my 13th birthday ?
Hang out at your house for a while like watch a movie or just hang out like playing some video games ex: wii. thatd be fun .. then go to your favorite restaurant with your friends. Then cake at your house? And everyone should be gone by then. Or ; An amusement park nearby. Happy Almost 13th Birthday! Lool. [:
Amittai Originally Answered: I don't know what to do for my 13th birthday ?
Do a Glow in the dark or glow sticks, A Mall Scavnger hunt. its when youhh fin alot of random things at the mall and split the party into teams and each team gets a camera, then every team goes and trys to find the item and when they think they got it they take a picture of it. when they are done they come back youhh look at all the pictures and whatever one is the best winss! Youhh can do a baby party, theme it on a baby show or something like cookie monster from seasme street;;; Or youhh could do a hawiian theme. Youhh could also go to a hotel and rent a room get all of youhhr best friends and youhh could go down to the lobby run around with youhhr friends, if it a hotel with a fancy restratunt inside then eat in there or get room service, play in thee pool, Paint youhhrr nails, And have a pillow fighttt! Happy Birthday to youhh!! And hope youhh use one of my ideass Thanks and i hope youhh like my ideaas(:

Tilly Tilly
go to home depot and buy a 50' by 10' sheet of plastic from the paint department and put it on a hill and stake the ends into the ground, spray it down with a garden hose and cover yourself with dishwashing soap and run and slide down it. Trust me its awesome ive done it.
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Roxie Roxie
You could have a themed party at home where you dress up as characters from 'Harry Potter' or 'Twilight'.
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Roxie Originally Answered: I need help with birthday party games!?
That sound like fun! Here are a few ideas for you: 1. Put a glow stick in a balloon for pool lanterns or decorations 2. Break glowsticks into bottles for lawn bowling at night 3. Make glow stick lanterns 4. Glow stick ring toss 5. Make glow in the dark letters using glowsticks 6. Put a smaller cup inside a bigger cup, and put a glow stick in between for glow in the dark party cups! Also, cut a glow stick open, and mix in with nail polish for glow in the dark nail polish for the girls! Hope this help!

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