How do i put on weight?

How do i put on weight? Topic: How do i put on weight?
October 20, 2019 / By Christopher
Question: Im not underweight or anorexic but i really slim and want a bit of shape to me... I don't want to put on loads of weight. I have a really high metabolism and so its really really hard for me to put on weight and keep it.. Anyone got any tips. Please help im in real need.
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Amery Amery | 8 days ago
i have an underweight problem and have found nothing that works for me but i have gotten TONS of advise from others.1. smoking weed would be my personal favorite. it has NO bad side effects and greatly increases your appetite.2. increase your calorie and protein intake (i use ensure shakes) and work out regularly so you gain muscle and not fat.3. eat before you go to sleep. those are probably the best tips i have gotten...hope i could help.
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Amery Originally Answered: weight loss! Whats the best, safe way to lose weight without spening a tonn of money?
Effective weight loss that is lasting doesn't come from a pill or from restricting calories. Either one teaches your body that it's starving and your body reacts by lowering your metabolism (how fast you burn calories). To help boost your metabolism, you should work out in the morning - this will lift your metabolism for the entire day. Also, any constant exercise (cycling, walking, etc.) that lasts for more than 20 continuous mins. causes your body to start burning fat for energy. Plus, spread your normal diet out into 5 or six smaller meals each day. Every time you eat a meal your metabolism also goes up slightly. P.S. As said by krzynurse: Eat lean protein, boneless skinless chicken, fish, nuts, oatmeal, yogurt, granola,fresh fruits and veggies, cut out alcohol, butter , high fructose corn syrup (in soda and a lot of juice drinks)eat a lot of lean meats, low fat dairy, watch the carbs, eat whole grain bread, etc.... John S. Bennett http://www.4yourbody.info

Tilda Tilda
Gain It The Right Way. Get MRI Quick Gainer. Its 40 USD but Its Worth It. You Want To Put On Weight The Right Way Not By Eating Fatting Foods.
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Roxane Roxane
My dad is 6 foot and like 115 lbs. He tried the weight gainer powder for 6 months gained 3 lbs and gave up. He eats chocolate, potato chips, candy etc. My sister was the same way never gained weight and ate everything. Now in her 20s it has caught up to her. Be careful what you wish for.
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Nannie Nannie
Don't eat high calorie foods like cake. :P You need to eat protein, that is the most healthy way to do it. Protein will build your muscles which everybody knows (and seems to be their excuse) muscle weighs more than fat. So if you eat things high in protein such as eggs, hamburgers, steak, pork, fish, etc. You will definitely put on weight. :)! That will help you gain weight and muscle!
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Lorin Lorin
you should eat healthy foods more often. If you feel hungry then eat something. Don't eat bad foods because that will cause you to get weight in the wrong places. Just eat alot of good foods with good calories and not bad ones.
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Katharine Katharine
Eat healthy foods that give your body the nutrients it needs to grow, but try things with higher fat content (good fat) like: nuts, peanut butter, grains, protein (yogurt, beef jerky etc.) so then you will gain weight but the right way
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Katharine Originally Answered: If bulimics are usually a normal weight, how do you explain princess diana's extreme weight loss?
okay let me explain this REALLY simply There is bulimia, then there is binge and purge type anorexia. With bulimia, you're often not underweight. With b/p anorexia, you are. This is often left up to the individuals body. Some people lose weight, most don't. It depends. So with bulimia, you often gain or maintain your weight because those who lose are diagnosed with b/p type anorexia

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