Can any one advise me on a good vitamin, herb or food for detoxing your liver?

Can any one advise me on a good vitamin, herb or food for detoxing your liver? Topic: Can any one advise me on a good vitamin, herb or food for detoxing your liver?
October 20, 2019 / By Christian
Question: There are so many different kinds of supplements out there but what brand is the best? What should you look for on the label? Is there any kind of food that cleanses your liver, colon, arteries?
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Best Answers: Can any one advise me on a good vitamin, herb or food for detoxing your liver?

Ambrose Ambrose | 6 days ago
The best herb for the liver is milk thistle. It's absolutely amazing. It is the only known antidote for amanita mushroom poisoning (the poison basically liquefies your liver.) Many herbalists recommend taking it along with turmeric, which also has hepatic (liver) protecting qualities. As far as food to clean various parts of your body, artichoke shows promise in the liver, a high-fiber diet (with whole grains and fresh fruits and vegetables) is best for the colon and arteries. If you get a milk thistle or milk thistle/turmeric herbal supplement, make sure the label says the capsules are standardized. This means that each capsule has the same amount of the active ingredients, as opposed to the average of the capsules in the bottle being at the recomended dosage. You should avoid acetaminophen (tylenol) and alcohol when detoxifying your liver, as well. Good luck!
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Ambrose Originally Answered: What food has a great source of vitamin b, but that is a healthy food?
The best way to get "B" vitamins into your body is let your body make the "B" vitamins (all except B-12). The intestinal flora (bacteria that live in your intestines) make "B" vitamins. Eating lots of fermented foods and eliminating ALL FLUORIDE from your diet, ALL CHLORINE, ALL antibiotics, and ALL vaccines will help you generate the approximately 3 pounds of probiotic bacteria in your gut that will produce all the "B" vitamins you need. Eating GRASS FED BEEF from truly grass fed cows is one of the best ways to get vitamin B-12 and also true vitamin A, along with many other very healthy fatty acids, including CLA that fights cancer. Liver from grass fed cows is a wonderful source of "B" vitamins. Some other foods are tuna, turkey, brazil nuts, bananas, potatoes, avocados, legumes, and last but certainly not least, kefir. Homemade kefir from RAW MILK from grass fed dairy cows is one of the best sources for "B" vitamins in a food. It's very important to eliminate ALL genetically modified foods from your diet. The GMO's cause gene transfer in your gut and when you eat that garbage, the genes transfer to your gut creating all kinds of health problems. It can make your intestinal flora a pesticide factory for example from eating ANYTHING with SOY in it. 93% of all the soy in America is now GMO and it is NOT labeled or tested for safety. The proteins in GMO soy are mutating and creating huge health problems. Look at all the ingredients in anything you eat and make sure it does NOT contain SOYBEAN oil or SOYBEANS. Many foods contain this garbage now. These foods are creating problems like antibiotic resistance, allergies, asthma, and many diseases that are emerging they have NO names for yet. good luck to you

Tikva Tikva
Milk thistle is a properly-customary detox/liver tonic and has been shown to stimulate the production of latest liver cells. Binge eating is between the worst issues you're able to do on your liver. Taking pharmaceuticals is the different.
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Rowina Rowina
to detox without upsetting your bodies natural system, just drink plenty of water and watch your food ingredients. (sugar is healthier than artificial sugars, but stevia is great for everyone!) found at GNC. the more additives in food the worse it is for us. there are no herbs that will detoxify (the gimmick is drinking lots of water, which does this naturally if you just drink water).... milk thistle shows an ant-inflammatory in those with liver disease making the liver less burdened and more easily able to filter toxcity build up.
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Nanette Nanette
There isn't really anything out there other then Milk thitle (sp) i believed. look in a steriod user webpage. usually all of these individual are the ones suffering from liver prob.
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Nanette Originally Answered: Where can I find a nutrition/vitamin/food chart?
Go here for vitamin needs and the foods to eat to get these vitamins: http://www.healthalternatives2000.com/vitamins-nutrition-chart.html

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