Know of any good soul food restaurants in Long Beach, OC or San Gabriel Valley, CA?

Know of any good soul food restaurants in Long Beach, OC or San Gabriel Valley, CA? Topic: Know of any good soul food restaurants in Long Beach, OC or San Gabriel Valley, CA?
October 20, 2019 / By Cheyanne
Question: I went to one in Downey today. The food was awful. Does anyone know of any good ones in Long Beach, OC or San Gabriel Valley?
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Best Answers: Know of any good soul food restaurants in Long Beach, OC or San Gabriel Valley, CA?

Alystair Alystair | 2 days ago
In long beach there are two that are good M&M's on Carson and Paramount in the shopping center near the bowling alley or Roscoes Chicken and Waffles on 4th and broadway just before ocean blvd
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Tierra Tierra
I know you didn't ask for anything in LA, but try Bertha's Soul Food Cafe on Century Blvd. They've been in business over 40 years and are probably the best in the LA area. The neighborhood is pretty sketchy, but the food is worth it!
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Rosy Rosy
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Nadine Nadine
nah, but there's a real good one in Didsbury Village,Manchester,UK if that's any good to you? I recommend the Chorizo dishes,mmm, nice!
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