im basically on a diet and find my weight increases next day on the scale.?

im basically on a diet and find my weight increases next day on the scale.? Topic: im basically on a diet and find my weight increases next day on the scale.?
June 19, 2019 / By Chesed
Question: im on a diet and i basically dont eat that much.... i lost some weight and now when i decide that i like want to go out of the diet rules and eat mabey just a LITTLE bit of carbs or anything like that next day i weigh myself and find that my weight on the scale increases!!i dont understand why although im sure i dont eat alot.But although i weigh myself everyday and the scale shows that i gain about a pound when i break the rules,it isnt really visible on my body..... btw im 20 year old,female,i eat about....1000-1200 calories a day?
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Best Answers: im basically on a diet and find my weight increases next day on the scale.?

Alysdair Alysdair | 9 days ago
There is no pill or trendy new diet that can accomplish what sensible eating and exercise does. The only way to lose weight is to burn more calories than you consume. This does not mean to starve yourself, but to eat bulkier, lower-calorie foods. For instance, rather than having turkey on white bread for lunch, have turkey on 100% WHOLE WHEAT bread, with a piece of lettuce or several slices of tomato. It's important to consume 100% whole grains rather than enriched because whole grains have all their fiber and original nutrients whereas enriched have only a portion- which has been added. The nutrients are always good for you, but high-fiber foods will keep you fuller for longer, so that you don't eat as often. In addition, rather than having a handful of chips for a snack, have an apple. An apple is pleasantly sweet (or tart, if you like the green variety), but is also largely water. This water will fill you up surprisingly so you won't be likely to eat later. Finally, for dinner, you could have a piece of baked (or fried) chicken, corn-on-the-cob, and a small bowl of frozen yougurt for dessert. For breakfast, you could have whole grain pancakes and a piece of fruit. Don't think of skipping meals because that will only set you back. When you go without food for a long time, your metabolism slows down so as not to use up your energy. True, you could eventually lose weight by fasting, but you would also be weak and unhealthy. For exercise, you should buy a rope with which to jump. It doesn't need to be expensive, as a decent rope can be found for about five dollars. Most importantly about all this is CONSISTENCY. The weight will not come off in a few days, but only in at least a week, and only 1-2 pounds at that. The body is not mean to lose weight quickly. Key to all of this is writing down what you have IN ADVANCE. At the beginning of the day, think of what you might want for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Write down the calorie, fat, and sodium amounts for everything you plan to consume in the day. You will have to adjust your list to stay within desired limits. It's much easier to write down what you want because you know what you plan to have. I assume that you will get plenty of protein so you may want to take a multivitamin to cover other nutrients.
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Tianna Tianna
Sometimes it happens when you plan your diet chart in some wrong way. You should plan your diet chart with the help of dietitian or you can go thorough to some links online. For online diet charts i am suggesting you one link. You just go through this link and get your diet plans. It will really work. The link is here http://skinsheen.com/articles-diet-plans-14.aspx
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Rosheen Rosheen
1. don't use lo-cal diets - they will fill you with water and absorb every scrap of a cal and store it. 2. keep you bowels open and regular 3. have your thyroid checked (blood test) (it happened to me) 4. don't weigh yourself everyday or at all.
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Myrtie Myrtie
with diet control you can't reduce your weight .You require proper exertion /physical exercise for 45 min as well.You should avoid sweet at all ,carbohydrates at all,take max water then you will change in your self.
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