What could be causing these digestive problems?

What could be causing these digestive problems? Topic: What could be causing these digestive problems?
June 19, 2019 / By Chauncy
Question: Over the past 2 yrs, I've been having digestion problems with a lot of things I eat or drink, that I used to have no problem with. It started with Apple Juice and Cider, I could drink both just fine until about two years ago, I can hardly have a couple sips literally without having gas cramps. Then I had to stop drinking orange Juice. Orange Juice does not give me gas cramps, but it causes over active digestion within a few minutes and sometimes constipation, whereas before I used to drink it all the time with no problems. Then I stopped being able to tolerate several types of food. For one thing, all processed food is now a problem. I know that processed food can cause constipation and bloating, but it never used to before with me. I used to be able to eat pasta with no problem, but now it also bloats me and constipates me. Just about all fruit will give me gas cramps, I used to be able to eat two or three oranges in a single day before having normal cramps, but now I Can basically only eat half of one and have problems. Apples are mostly fine, as long as I have one only every couple of days and when cooked they are fine as well. I can only eat a small handful of grapes without my digestive tract gurgling and leaving me constipated. I can no longer drink Iced Tea or Lemonade, they don;t bloat me, but they over activate my digestive system as well, and leave me constipated. So I stopped drinking these two and only drank milk, Juice and water. Now milk and Juice has the same effect as everything else and the only drink I can tolerate now is water. The bottom line for me now is, if I eat a certain food or drink long enough it will eventually cause gastrointestinal distress, one by one everything I used to be able to eat or drink now leaves me like this. I have Hydrocephalus, and two spinal disorders called Basilar Invagination and Kleppel Feil Syndrome. I know that with spinal cord trauma there can be bowel incontinence but this is not what I have. Any thoughts?
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Alvy Alvy | 5 days ago
based on all the things you've listed and how they all seem quite acidic based on that you may have gastritis or GERD. you might have too much acid in your stomach. also with the pasta i imagine you have it with tomato sauce or some sauce of sorts which is also probably quite acidic as well. so my advice to you is to talk to your doctor about it. actually i was diagnosed with gastritis and its not really too bad i just take 1 prilosec otc in the morning and my heartburn and bloating is not a problem anymore. well hope this helps you :) also maybe you have an allergy i was going through some GI disturbances as well with the severe constipation, nausea and bloating and i finally figured out that i was allergic to gluten and that every time i ate it the symptoms would come and i would cause damage to my small intestine. well anyways...i hope u find an answer :)
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Alvy Originally Answered: Would an internal medicine doctor be able to help me with these 3 problems (one of the problems is gross)?
It's worth a try. When our bodies become toxic b.o. can become a problem. It sounds like you need to try a good internal cleansing program. You can find one at any health food store. Sometimes excessive coffee or alcohol can make b.o. worse. Try fasting a few days with only water, this might help.

Thrud Thrud
I agree with the above person. You have gastritis ( inflamation of the stomach) and GERD. I also think you may have a gluten intolerance or wheat intolerance. Something is making your stomach bloat. All those foods are very acidic. You should get tested for the Helicobacter pylori bacteria which is a common cause of gastritis. I hope you feel better.
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Roseanne Roseanne
I can't say what may be causing it, but I am curious about what your doctors have said and done. Have you had a colonoscopy? Endoscopy? Full blood work up? I'm really sorry you are having so many issues. I have celiac disease and I have alot of trouble with foods that are even gluten free. I wish you the best and hope you feel better soon!
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Myra Myra
You could be salicylate intolerant. If you are in Australia, find an allergy dietitian to help you and you could go on a full elimation diet (sounds scary at first, but well worth it to work out what you are intolerant to). If outside Australia, still see a dietitian, but I've heard some don't know much about it helpful websites http://www.cs.nsw.gov.au/RPA/Allergy/def... http://www.fedupwithfoodadditives.info/ -this one is a little hard to navigate around.
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Myra Originally Answered: What are the functions of digestive enzymes?
digestive enzymes break down food and food molecules to its simple form. amylase--breaks down starch proteases-break down protein in your small intestines nucleases--break down DNA matter lipases--break down fat to fatty acids and glycerol stomach acid--helps in nuetralising the stomach environment by secreting HCL acid bile salts are made in the liver and break down fat

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