10 day hoodia, green tea fat burner, etc; is it safe for a 17 year old female?

10 day hoodia, green tea fat burner, etc; is it safe for a 17 year old female? Topic: 10 day hoodia, green tea fat burner, etc; is it safe for a 17 year old female?
October 23, 2019 / By Charlton
Question: i just put on about 10 "holiday pounds" and i want to lose it asap. i was planning to reduce my calorie intake and go on the treadmill for about 1 hour on the highest incline at a 3.0 speed on weekdays and 2 hours [1hr morning/1hr night] on the weekends. but i wanted to try those dietary supplements like 10-day hoodia or the green tea fat burner liquigels. but are they safe and effective.? currently about 125 lbs. want to get back to the 118-115lb range. 17 years old. 5'5"
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Alven Alven | 1 day ago
i used the green tea fat burner briefly last summer, but my mom freaked out and said i would be addicted to diet pills, so i stopped using them. i did have some success in the brief time that i tried them, but i was eating better, working out a lot, and drinking tons of water, so i don't know which factors contributed most to my weight loss. (i lost about 10 poounds or so in a few weeks, and i only took one liquigel in the morning and one in the afternoon instead of two.) if you want to give it a try, go for it, i don't think either are very expensive, and if you look up their ingredients online (appliednutrition.com) they seem pretty harmless. however, i don't believe you can purchase them unless you're 18, so your mom has to approve of it and buy them for you. i think i'm going to try those again (i also put on some weght over the holidays, even though i was already 30 or so pounds overweight) and see what happens myself.
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Alven Originally Answered: Is it safe for a 16 year old to take Green Tea Fat Burner Dietary Supplement?
I don't think it would affect her reproductive system. It would probably affect her heart. It has a lot of caffeine, so it can speed up your heart rate. If she's young and healthy, then she has nothing to worry about. But if she does take it, she should avoid other things with caffeine, such as soda and coffee. However, the green tea supplements really don't help you to lose much weight. It will mostly be water weight, which is like 2-5 pounds. You're better off just doubling the amount of water you drink in a day. Buying a carb-blocker supplement might be better.

Theresa Theresa
if you re eating out make salad the appetizer most starters are fried and come with unhealthy dips or sauces
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Rosanne Rosanne
combine your resistance training with short bursts of high intensity cardio to increase your post workout calorie burn
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Moyna Moyna
I'm 16, 5'7" and 140. I tried the green tea hoodie stuff, and trim spa, but it only made me dizzy and even more hungry. So I don't suggest using the pills. Instead, try the special K two week challenge. I did it, and lost ten pounds in the two weeks, even though I did alot of exercise, and I had special K for the last meal as well. Also purchase fitness magazines, and maybe ever CosmoGirl and Seventeen magazines. CosmoGirl has a good weight loss arcticle for February, to help tone abs. I suggest trying that. And yoga =]
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Logan Logan
safe, but not effective. Hoodia, in sufficient quantities, kills appetite. But it cant be commercially grown outside of south africa. So big business has raped SA for the Hoodia that the indigenous relied on to kill hunger, and the supplies are not enough for Western man. Consequently, whatever they put Hoodia in, it isnt enough Hoodia. And green tea. that Wu-Long stuff - or whatever it is - just plain doenst work. I got some I'll sell ya lol.
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Logan Originally Answered: Taking this fat burner as a 16 year old?
You want fast results huh? Well I'm also 16 and I have also been looking for a way to get leaner. These fat burning drugs are generally not approved by the FDA or anybody else which gives you a good idea of how safe they are and how genuine their results are. You should not rely on these wonder drugs as they might not even give you all that much results. Keep in mind also, that the human body can only metabolize so much fat in a day and if you lose too much weight too rapidly, you are likely losing more than fat, likely some muscle tissues and even bone or other important tissues as well. I strongly recommend that you stop looking for some wonder drugs or easy pills for lazy results. If you have been lured in by their advertisements and empty promises then you fell into their marketing trap. To effectively and SAFELY lose weight, I recommend proper diet and exercise as difficult as it may sound. Drink the recommend 64 oz. of water, roughly about 4 standard packaged water bottles. Water help supports metabolic and bodily functions so don't deprive you body of this important substance. Get enough sleep, about 8 hours a day, I go for 9 when time allows. Diet: Eat 5 smaller meals, leaving 2-4 hours in between each meal. Make them about 300-400 calories each. Cut down on the carbs and fats and up the proteins. Try to avoid anything outside of your diet, especially sugary snacks and carbonated drinks. Exercise: I recommend cardio and high intensity interval training for fat burning. Insanity is a program that offers both of these with some light muscle building sessions on the sides. It mainly focuses on your legs and fat burning. I just finished my week 4 and have lost about 8 pounds. If I keep following through, I'm looking at more than 20 lbs at the end of my 60 days. Can you magic drug do that? :-)

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