Is it bad that I refuse to buy "Organic" foods?

Is it bad that I refuse to buy "Organic" foods? Topic: Is it bad that I refuse to buy "Organic" foods?
June 27, 2019 / By Charlie
Question: Ok I will not buy or eat organic foods on principle. Now I know that there are those out there that believe that organic food is safer, more nutritious, and better for the environment. In reality all organic food is only a status symbol. Now I know what some of you will say, They put dangerous pesticides on the food. Or, they use antibiotics on the meat. Ok well guess what, with out the "pesticides" or "antibiotics" (that are highly regulated and checked) we would all STARVE!! A representation that I have more money and class that I will buy an orange that looks the same, tastes the same, and by all purposes, is the SAME FOR TWICE THE PRICE!! Now I work at a store that primarily deals in organic foods, but is not "exclusively" organic, so I know the truth. Even the manger's laugh at the people who will pass up a crazy sale due that the meat or produce is "regular" or "poor people's" mass produced food. Organic is marketing based on luxury, fear, and media. Think about it. The only reason why someone would shell out cash for this food is due to food allergies. Now why I bring this up is that my roommate will only buy organic and with that spends a ton on groceries that She can't afford, so in retrospect I get the lovely task of re-filling the fridge so we can both have a meal a day. The problem is that even if I buy the groceries she will starve herself because she knows I will go for the sale. Now I don't want to make a argument but I tried to explain to her that the produce is the same and eating "regular" food and it will not poison her or taste any different. In my mind I know that she grew up like me eating hamburger helper, hot dogs, or whatever was on sale, we both come from working class families, and we are not mutated or filled with cancer. I think next time its my turn to buy the groceries I will just buy regular and put "organic" tags on the food and show her that the taste is the same. Does this make me a bad person? I guess it boils down to the fact that there were plenty of days in my life, both in my childhood and adult, that I did not eat for days for the simple fact that my family or I just cold not afford food and the food bank was closed for the week. Also food stamps were out due that my mom made just enough money not to qualify. So when I see food prices being driven up due to farms all converting to "organic" it just erks me.
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Alvar Alvar | 10 days ago
well u are smart. U can do your own research and not give a damn about tv brainwashing. Why this would be bad?
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Fruit and veggies grown in Mexico are not subject to the same guidelines that growers in the USA have to deal with. Chemicals that are banned in the USA are still used in Mexico. The USA government doesn't want to piss off the Prez of Mexico with all the crap we have going on in the Muslim world and the pig flu. The safest thing you can do is grow your own. Even if you live in the city. You can grow your veggies in containers in a small space.

Thelma Thelma
actually you have a good argument. Do you even know why they put organic on certain foods? Think of this way, 0% trans fat is on labels, because the fda allows it to be 0%, when its actually less than 1% trans fat, so its not really transfat free food. Any amount fat contains transfat, especially when you heat unsaturated fat. Organic foods are labeled "organic" because they reach a certain standard set by FDa. They are not truely organic foods because you still need some kind "fertilizer" to bolster its growth, the soil is probably not organic, also the crops grown is probably not organic as well, probably gmo modified, or highly bred strains. as they accumulate pollutants, from rain water, etc. I MUST EMPHASIZE THE ONLY TRUELY ORGANIC FOODS ARE GROWN IN THE WILD, WITH NO INTERBREEDING FOR SELECTED STRAINS, FERTILIZER(ONLY MANURE, or other nitrogenous sources). Most of the stuff probably used some manufactured stuff to grow. The reason why its so expensive, is because people are willing to pay hundreds of dollars of month for organic food, while you can get 2-3 times that amount of food if it wasn't organic. The majority of people buying it is white Caucasian people, because the industry knows that this appeals to them, and know they have the money to pay. You can write several books about this and still have room to write. iTS GOOD PROFIT FOR COMPANIES TO SELL ORGANIC, BECAUSE THEY KNOW CUSTOMERS ARE VERY GULLIBLE.
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Rosannah Rosannah
I buy mostly everything brand name. I have to admit I have found a few no name products that are just as good if not better. Go figure, I would have never thought.
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Mould Mould
Is it bad? No, you can buy what you want! That's the great thing about a free market is people that want organic and are willing to pay for it, can do so, and people like you don't have to.
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