I am pregnant and constipated.I get severe cramping.what helps?

I am pregnant and constipated.I get severe cramping.what helps? Topic: I am pregnant and constipated.I get severe cramping.what helps?
October 15, 2019 / By Charley
Question: My doctor told me to take Peri-Colace (a stool softener w/ laxative) It took 24 hours to work. And I still feel yucky! I am drinking lots of water. I do not like figs, raisins or prunes. I AM 25 WEEKS PREGNANT!
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Alured Alured | 9 days ago
Constipation is very common in pregnancy woman. It is your body's way of telling you that it is not getting enough water. Remember that you are urinating a lot more than you usually do so you need to drink more water than you normally would. Listen to what your doctor tells you and take only the things that they recommend. Another safe thing to try is fruit, and lots of it. Fruit is a natural diuretic so you get all the vitamins you need plus an extra bonus.
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Alured Originally Answered: What over-the-counter meds can u take while pregnant and are constipated?
You can take metamucil or the new clear "fiber one" which I add to all my family's meals and have added to my coffee..which takes like nothing and doesn't change to texture at all! You can also take colace 100mg PO twice a day...three if you haven't had a stool in days. Senokot has the laxative effect, and can be used, but only short term. Keep drinking all that water and keep up the veggie intake! Also, prenatal vitamins are very important to your health as well as the development of the baby....if you are unable to take them, then please consider flintstones children's vitamins, or the new gummy vites which are just like gummy bears! Good luck!

Theda Theda
prune juice is not the best, but if u down it really cold it goes alot smoother, and it REALLY does the trick. just think, just 2 mins of yucky prune juice of hours, days, weeks of suffering =( tough it up girl, you can do it, and i promise you WILL feel soooooooo much better!! good luck mamma!
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Rosanna Rosanna
Fiber - lots and lots and lots of it! Eat a banana a day at least. did I mention fiber??? =) It will help, trust me!
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Morven Morven
This is what I did - buy a watermelon and eat a lot of it - I mean a lot of it. I guarantee - within a couple of hours you will be going. A more long term solution is to eat old-fashioned oatmeal - not the instant kind, but the kind you cook on the stove. If you would eat that once a day - it will definitely keep you regular. In the meantime - if you can take a warm bath that will ease the cramping and relax you. You could also use a glycerine suppository - like the ones you use for babies. Any of these things are safe for anyone and should help you get over this patch ---hang in there MOM you are just about there. Good luck!
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Lizzie Lizzie
I'm 24 weeks pregnant and get the same problem from time to time and it hurts my insides like crazy. You can't sit and it even hurts to move or lay in certain positions. Doc told me to take Colace & Metamucil. After 3 drinks of metamucil mixed in Tropicana OJ Fiber and 1 dose of Colace - of course water....I was ready to go :-) . I empathize. I hope you feel better.
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Karly Karly
Water-lots of it. AND, get some vegetable laxatives..they are natural and won't cramp you. The generic version or brand name "Senokot" is best. Just about every grocery store, WalMart has it. Prunes you need to acquire a taste for because they really do work. Drink some smoothies in the morning (make them yourself). Also, eath lots of fiber throughout the day (salads, fresh veggies and fruits).
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Hartley Hartley
Hi, there is no need to take any medicine; just take warm water with a pinch of black salt (which is available in Indian and Pakistani outlets) before you sleep and in the morning. Do this at least for few days.
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Dora Dora
Drink lots of water. This may be gross or TMI for some people, but it works. When you go to the bathroom, if you are comfortable with your body, you can help yourself go. Insert about 2 fingers into your vagina and press back towards your rectum while you are pushing to go. If there is anything back there, you should be able to feel it. You can genlty use your fingers from inside your vagina to help as you bear down to get things moving.
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Dora Originally Answered: I'm 3months pregnant and extremely constipated, how can I relieve this?
Don't feel embarassed, dear. Iron is good for you, but one of the downers is constipation. You can try stool softeners like Colace or supplements like FiberCon Benefiber. One you can definitely rely on is warm prune juice. It acts as a stimulant and I highly recommend taking some reading materials and a can of air freshner. Good luck and have a healthy and happy pregnancy.

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