What symptoms occur with chronic constipation?

What symptoms occur with chronic constipation? Topic: What symptoms occur with chronic constipation?
October 15, 2019 / By Charles
Question: I have been getting pain in my lower right abdomen, lower left abdomen, lower middle abdomen and around my belly button area. Can this be constipation pains? Im 15 and ive been having these pains for about 4months. Its more to my right side now. Im also bloated.
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Alton Alton | 8 days ago
Perhaps you need a lot more fiber from a lot more fruit and vegetables. Yogurt every day can help for bloating and also constipation as it improves your digestion.
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Alton Originally Answered: Chronic constipation?
For chronic constipation, ask your doctor for a prescription of Lactulose, which is a synthetic sugar used to treat constipation. It is NOT a laxative and can be taken by adults and children alike. Although Lactulose can be bought over-the-counter in the majority of countries, it needs a doctor's prescription in the USA because of ill informed concerns that it might be unsafe for diabetics. However, because Lactulose is an indigestible sugar, it has been confirmed safe for people suffering from diabetes. Lactulose is taken orally and is broken down within the colon into products that pull water out from the body and into the colon. In treating constipation lactulose works by boosting the water content and volume of the stools within the bowel, which makes them much softer and easier to pass. It may take between twenty four and seventy two hours before normal defecation takes place.
Alton Originally Answered: Chronic constipation?
Has your daughter try stool softener? Laxatives will only lubricate the intestines and feces, but stool softeners will moisten the fecal matter and make it easier to move. If combine the two, maybe it'll be easier for her to use the restroom. I believe there are medication that carry both functions, but I don't know for sure. Make sure she consume plenty of water. It's possible that the water in her body exit as sweat (since she plays sports), and as a result, she does not have enough liquid inside her body, and therefore having hard stool.

Thea Thea
I would suggest seeing a Gastroenterologist who also treats pediatrics. Constipation can cause bloating and some cramps; but, if you have been having pains for 4 months you need to be checked out. It could by symptoms of some more serious. For instance, inguinal hernias are in the lower right and left quadrants and an umbilical hernia is by the belly button. Laxatives and enemas are contraindicated when there is abdominal pain.
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Rosamond Rosamond
Long time period use of laxatives can weaken your process and honestly purpose constipation. It is a self perpetuating cycle. It perhaps a well concept to wean your self off the laxatives. If you do it suddenly, you'll in most cases be depressing. But in the event you might do it progressively after which exchange the laxatives with dried prunes and applesauce. You might additionally determine on-line and uncover different meals that experience a laxative end result. When my ft get dried out, I ensure they're very blank and dry. Then spray them with rubbing alcohol. After that dries, saturate them with almond, grapeseed, olive or different typical oil, and placed socks on earlier than going to mattress. By morning they're much softer. Below is a internet site with different typical remedies for dry ft. I desire this is helping.
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Rosamond Originally Answered: What could cause chronic constipation?
Stress is the most frequent cause of chronic constipation. Try everything u can otherwise u could end up in the hospital.

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