Need Help with Diet plan so confused?

Need Help with Diet plan so confused? Topic: Need Help with Diet plan so confused?
June 27, 2019 / By Chance
Question: Hey all, i'm 5'9 175 with a lot of my weight being belly fat(was eating horrible all day with job that consisted of sitting in front of a computer) I have decided its time for a complete change in lifestyle so need some help with a diet plan. with all the info you can get on the internet its really hard to know what would work best for me. A low carb diet seems best but what do you guys think. I am doing the Insanity program when i wake up in the morning before breakfast and next week i will start to hit the gym in the afternoon to gain some muscle in addition to insanity..though my main concern is the belly fat. My eating regimen is: Meal 1 (breakfast): 3 whole eggs coffee or green/black tea 5 rasberries Protein isolate powder (2 scoops) Meal 2 (lunch): salad w/italian dressing 1/2 tsp processed turkey breast meat 4 slices grapes 1 cup or rasberries 1 cup Meal 3 (snack): 1 greek yogurt nuts & seeds 1/4 cup Meal 4(dinner): chicken breast 5oz vegs- broccoli, aspargus, and carrots small salad Meal 5(snack): protein isolate (2 scoops) Its comes out to about: 1400 calories 56 carbs 183 protein 44 fats 8 fiber Thanks guys for any help its much appreciated!!
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Alpin Alpin | 6 days ago
your diet is good!! try to add GREEN TEA in the evenings., and early morning lemon juice (2 lemons)... helps u cut out extra fat... and dnt cut out too many carbs... eat brown rice , good carbs = healthy ... and also avoid processed food in any form... lucky tht u r usin isolate.. its price is too damn high here!!
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Alpin Originally Answered: Confused about diet and exercise, help?
Eat healthy & exercise is the best way.. This is what you should eat by how active you are. Choose Whole grains, Fatfree or Skim milks, & Lean meats. Organic foods are a very good choice but is not a must!!! If you exercise 0min a day Grains> 3 ounces Veggies> 1 1/3 cup Fruits> 1 cup Milks> 1 ½ cup Meat> 2.75 ounces If you exercise atleast 30min a day Grains> 6 ounces Veggies> 2 1/4 cups Fruits> 2 cups Milks> 3 cups Meats> 5 1/2 ounces If you exercise atleast 60min a day Grains> 7 ounces Veggies> 3 cups Fruits> 2 cups Milks> 3 cups Meats> 6 ounces If you exercise more than 60min a day Grains> 9 ounces Veggies> 3 1/2 cups Fruits> 2 cups Milks> 3 cups Meats> 6 1/2 ounces Throughout the day snack on fresh vegetables & fruits, drink 6 to 8 glasses of water, & limit your sugar & caffeine intake.

Tessie Tessie
Reduce protein to one scoop. Yoghourt should free from sugar and fat (free fat yogurt) Chicken breast should be skinless. Drink plenty of water.
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Rosalyn Rosalyn
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Morgen Morgen
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Morgen Originally Answered: please help. confused!?
DON'T take an appetite suppressant. You will regret it. If you increase your exercise and decrease your calories, then your body will burn fat AND muscle. Then, when you stop taking the drug, your body will gain ONLY FAT. Fat burns fewer calories than muscle. So once you lose all that muscle, it will be harder and harder to stay thin. You must eat 3 full meals every day. Do not be afraid of food! It is your friend. If you want an energy booster, eat lots of whole grains - like real oatmeal, oat bran, brown rice, etc. Also eat protein with every meal.

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