My cat continually knocks over his water bowl.?

My cat continually knocks over his water bowl.? Topic: My cat continually knocks over his water bowl.?
October 15, 2019 / By Chad
Question: I have had my kitty since he was 3 weeks old (late December of 2004) and I have always had the problem with him trying to "bury" his water bowl. He's nearing 2 years old now and it has progressed to where he now actually tips it over. I'll actually sit and watch him put his paw on the edge of the bowl and he tips the bowl over. If I say something to him while he's doing it he acts caught and runs off. Does anyone else have this behaviour in their feline and why in the heck does he do it? I know he really, really likes to drink out of the sink so could it be he empties his bowl so I will just leave the faucet on for him?
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Alonzo Alonzo | 4 days ago
Hi, my cat did the same thing or she would drag it across the floor and splash the water out as it went. I bought the continuous feed and water bowls with rubber bottoms so they can't be dragged. You clean and fill them once a week, perfect for busy households and kitty is always fed and has plenty of water
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Alonzo Originally Answered: Why does my 9week old kitten scratch the floor around her bowl? Seems she can't see the water in the bowl?
Your kitten is behaving normally. In sixty years I've had quite a few kittens, and all of them did what yours is doing now and then. This behavior always stopped as the kittens grew older. They could see their bowl easily, but kittens are baby creatures, and like all babies are easily distracted. They're curious and they're busy, busy, busy. She's probably just fooling around like babies of all species - humans included - just naturally do. As for the skim milk - it shouldn't hurt her, but it's not the best for her either. She's nine weeks old and does not need milk anymore. Feed her as the vet recommends. Yeah, I know, kittens will gobble up any milk you set in front of them, but that does not mean you should feed it to them. If you feel you must, please make it whole milk, and give her only a tablespoonful a day, and don't give it to her cold - that can make her little tummy hurt! Let it at least warm up to room temperature! And next time you visit the vet with her - ask why he recommends against milk!

Tess Tess
my cat does the same thing! the bowl hardly tips over but she tries!! i watch her pawing at it. she loves to drink out of the sink too...get your cat a kitty fountain...prob be harder to knock over. they sell some nice ones at PetSmart.
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Rosalind Rosalind
My cat also does that. I found that its his way of telling me he wants fresh water. It works every time. He gets fresh water he leaves the bowl alone.
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Morgana Morgana
You just need to have a heavier bowl. We use a glass (pyrex) eight inch square baking pan when we have a cat like this.
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Livvy Livvy
I doubt your cat has thought enough about it to correlate tipping the water dish and getting to drink out of the sink. Cats a notorious for have strange, obsessive behaviors. I'm more attuned to the dog mind, so I don't understand it either, but if it bothers you, there are things you can do about it. Yes, you ARE smarter than the cat. Get a large, HEAVY bowl with no rims to catch. I would recommend one that is wider at the bottom than at the top. Those are harder to tip over. Or get one of those self filling waterers that has a large jar that feeds into a bowl below. This should be sufficiently heavy that the cat can't get it tipped.
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Livvy Originally Answered: cat dumps water bowl?
he's trying to kill the dog. no really, well probably, but anyway i would get a super heavy flat bottomed ceramic bowl, he might not be able to tip that over.

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