My 1 year old is seriously constipated?

My 1 year old is seriously constipated? Topic: My 1 year old is seriously constipated?
June 19, 2019 / By Catigern
Question: How can I help her? She has not had a bowel movement in three days. Any advice is much appreciated!!!
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Allysdair Allysdair | 10 days ago
This is what I do when mine is constipated...I buy prunes (baby food) and I can only find them here in stage 1 baby food...but whatever, prunes are prunes. I give them to her (a container at a time) every day sometimes twice a day and it gets her going. My little one loves prunes so hopefully yours does/will too. Good luck... I know it's stressfull and I hate when mine gets like that! It's scary to think that all that food is going in and nothing is coming out...good luck, try the prunes. NO BANANAS OR CHEESE FOR A WHILE!!!
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Allysdair Originally Answered: My one year old is constipated. Help?!?
Usual answer - easiest way is to put it in when you're drying her off after a bath, maybe with a dab of k.y jelly to lube the suppository (although if it's a "jelly bomber" glycerin suppository you'll be able to put it in with just a little water to moisten it). Prepare it in advance, either before the bath or out of her sight. Remember, don't give her any opportunity to panic and try to run away - just put her across your lap and do her. It might make her cry but it'll all be over quickly, and it'll all be worth it 5-20 minutes. She may be freaked out by the suppository, but she needs it to help her do a dooey - and it'll make her do a big one in a few minutes,

Terra Terra
time for a diet change! avoid all cow's milk products, increase her intake of fiber and water, and get her outside more often during the day to run around. keep a food diary & see the pediatrician.
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Rosabel Rosabel
My usual answer: give her a baby-size glycerine suppository. It's safer than oral laxatives (esp. if she needs them frequently) and almost always works - put a suppository in her and it'll make her do a dooey in 5-15 minutes
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Montana Montana
really warm water and raisins and or prunes no dairy like cheese or milk mineral oil warm bath and rub her tummy on the hard side good luck
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Montana Originally Answered: my 7 year old is severely constipated?
It may be encopresis, indeed - you need to get him to a doctor who takes this seriously (i.e a gastroenterologist).

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