Suppressed appretite!?

Suppressed appretite!? Topic: Suppressed appretite!?
October 20, 2019 / By Casimir
Question: How can i suppress my appetite? I find that when i'm hungry, i cant just go have 1 serving of something, i go all out and gorge myself!!!! how can i suppress it?
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Allon Allon | 7 days ago
I know its very hard. What you do is ' drink juice' instead or eat fruit. drink water regularly - have a water bottle at hand all the time - Pushups every day - they will shrink your stomach and you will not be as hungry. When having snacks have fruit or juice
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Allon Originally Answered: what does suppressed immune system mean?
you here about suppressed immune systems like those people with HIV, AIDS, cancer, or any anti-immune diseases like Chron's, Ulcerative Colitis, some arthritis, etc. You just can't be on drugs to suppress the immune system when you get pregant. Pregancies may be more at risk of being rejected with those with suppressed systems. Pregnancy triggers hormones so that the embryo is not rejected by the mother. People with out of whack immune systems might have more problems.
Allon Originally Answered: what does suppressed immune system mean?
Suppressed would mean that although your immune system is still there that for the time it will not be working as hard as it is use to working. This is why a lot of women suffer or have the chance of suffering from other health problems. A kinda cool fact is that most women with H.I.V will not pass it on to their children from birth because babies are not born with any immune system, it takes a lil while to kick in.

Terah Terah
You can suppress your appetite by eating. Why starve yourself for hours, then gorge on 1 or 2 meals? Your metabilism will speed up if you eat 6 small meals a day (no junk). Try this. Eat 5 healthy meals a day and drink water for one week and see what happens. You will eat more and lose weight. P.S. Your appetite exist as a means for you to survive. You cannot overcome or suppress this.
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Ronnie Ronnie
don't let yourself get hungry-- eat very small amounts through out the day (one cup alternated with 2 cups of food--eat 6x a day) also eat a lot of protein & fiber, they fill you up for longer.
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Ronnie Originally Answered: herpes/STDS/immune-system suppressed help?
I don't believe that genital herpes can be fatal in immuneosuppressed people. However, while healthy adults can have little or no symptoms during herpes outbreaks, immuneosuppresed people can suffer from longer, more painful outbreaks. Herpes can be particularly dangerous in cases of pregnancy, and can be fatal to the baby, or an ocular infection of herpes can cause blindness. That's really, really uncommon, though. (Ocular.) Remember, though, that herpes is spread even without open sores or other symptoms, and it is a very good idea to take an antiviral drug such as Acyclovir. (Or one of the other cyclovirs.)

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