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Wicca Spiritual Diet? Topic: Wicca Spiritual Diet?
June 27, 2019 / By Casey
Question: I'm a well seasoned Wicca of five years now (I'm fourteen) and I've been feeling disconnected from The One, for whatever reason. I do not go outside around my neighborhood now because it makes me really sad to see all the trees cut down, as weird as that sounds. I remember when I was fasting for Samhain because I would not be at my house during the sabbat, I felt so connected and spiritual. I've been feeling so disconnected. By grandmother destroyed my altar... All I have left is my necklace. I was wondering if any of you had any ideas of a diet that would improve my health, but also connect me to the God and Goddess again. I've been so depressed and I know I am forgiven, I never did a wrong, but I feel so destroyed, like everything's been taken from me. Any help?
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Allistir Allistir | 6 days ago
If you're fourteen, you may well be going through one of the periods of depression that are common during the teenage years. Do NOT alter your diet if it is, at this point, a healthy diet with a good balance of protein, vegetables, carbs, etc. Doing so will likely only send you farther off-track emotionally. If your diet isn't healthy, look up your recommended daily nutritional intake of various foods and try to follow a diet that sticks to those guidelines. Get exercise. Regular physical activity helps a lot with low mood and will keep you healthy and alert. I'm very sorry to hear about your altar. Remember that altars and tools are props -- the true relationship with the Gods for a Wiccan lies within. If the feeling of being destroyed and desolate lasts longer than two weeks, please see a doctor about it. Best of luck to you.
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Allistir Originally Answered: For those who have never had a spiritual experience: Do you eat a healthy diet; are a vegan, or vegetarian?
The results of an Empirical approach can be a bit one-sided. Have you also asked those who have had spiritual experiences if they can handle living on nothing but Sugary cereals, Cheeseburgers, and chips with Salsa? I take Alfalfa tablets twice daily, and eat a healthy, balanced diet. On the other hand, because of my fast metabolism, I have to eat meats in order to get the fats as well as the protein-rich intake.
Allistir Originally Answered: For those who have never had a spiritual experience: Do you eat a healthy diet; are a vegan, or vegetarian?
. I've had spiritual experiences during times in my life when my diet was healthy and also when I'd not been eating healthy (i.e. processed food, candy, popcorn, etc.) Have never been vegan or vegetarian though. .

Tera Tera
Ok there are lots of distinct gods and goddesses, you essentially prefer which of them name to you that you simply could like. And reincarnation is considering your spirit attempts to always set itself proper on this planet and if you don't gain it in a single existence, you progress to a subsequent existence. Homosexuality is so much definately permitted. The regulations of Wicca can as a rule be summed into one like "an damage ye none, do as ye will". Which essentially method so long as you don't damage any individual, do what you wish. Don't shove your faith down different folks's throats. Wiccans are by and large very quiet. Trying to stick within the again flooring and now not get into arguments. I could recommend purchasing many books. Teen Witch by means of Silver Ravenwolf can aid a few. Also, discover out which course you wish to comply with. (Hedge witch, Green witch, Kitchen witch- all three essentially identical factor. Dianic, Gardnerian, Celtic, there may be plenty). You can discover many many books at Hastings, Barnes and Noble, or any Pagan retail outlets you could occur to encounter. Any guide retailer by and large has them. If you appear in a guide retailer, appear beneath the New Age phase with a purpose to discover them. Hope I helped a bit of :)
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Ronnette Ronnette
I hope you do understand that 'The One, God' you refer to is Satan don't you? He and those who follow him will be cast into the lake of fire.
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Ronnette Originally Answered: Psychic Spiritual Cleansing ?
No one can "cleanse" you of negative thoughts. You would for sure be "cleansing" something though- your wallet, of $1400. And of course you will be "satisfied" with your results, and you will certainly feel better. Why? It's called mind over matter. The fact you would go in wholeheartedly thinking that she could make you feel more positive will trigger a reaction within YOURSELF that made you feel more positive. Kind of like the much discussed "placebo" effect seen in ill patients given sugar pills which they are told and believe to be real medications that will cure them of their ailments. Change comes from within yourself, and you are responsible for all changes you have in thought patterns. Instead, you need to find a way to come to peace with yourself, by yourself. I personally meditate often, sometimes for hours a day, addressing problems, and coming to terms with them, or finding the solution. I would recommend you pick up a book on different meditation practices, and start there. It is amazing what the human mind can do when properly focused. Sometimes I play my djembe (on occasion I'll join in a drum circle, which is a great way for me to leave my troubles behind for a while), other times I use my singing bowls, and other times I just find somewhere I can sit uninterrupted (sometimes with no one around, sometimes on a bench on a busy street). But no matter what I find to be the appropriate way of working out my problems at the time, I always feel so much more empowered and positive afterwards. You need to find a way to do this, and then you can spiritually "cleanse" yourself. I will recommend a book (only like $20) called the Chakra bible. I refer to it constantly, and use it as a starting point for self healing, because I subscribe to it's ideals very much. My fiance likes to read the bible and I guess sits there and tries to implement it's lessons into his life while he meditates. There are literally thousands of books you can use as a starting point, religious books tend to be best because many people feel so comfortable with their religious ideals. I hope you can look inside and resolve your problems, and won't waste your money. Good luck.

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