Corn syrup is the main ingredient in my baby's formula - is this healthy?

Corn syrup is the main ingredient in my baby's formula - is this healthy? Topic: Corn syrup is the main ingredient in my baby's formula - is this healthy?
October 15, 2019 / By Carver
Question: My son may be lactose intolerant so we put him on Similac Sensitive RS. He seems to like it, but I saw on the ingredients list that corn syrup is the main ingredient. Isn't that like table sugar and just empty calories?
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Allistair Allistair | 4 days ago
NO, corn syrup is NOT healthy! Most corn is genetically modified, meaning it has been spliced with the DNA of other plant species, pesticides, and even scorpion venom to make it more pest resistant! (google GMO corn for more details) It could cause him to develop other allergies. Soy and corn are responsible for the rapid increase in both children and adults food allergies. As for lactose intolerance, that is a load of garbage too. He would likely thrive on raw, organic milk straight from the cow. Commercial milk is bad for a number of reasons-first, cows are meant to eat grass-period. Commercial dairy cows are fed an unnatural diet high in wheat, soy, corn, and other things they are not meant to eat. Due to the horrid living conditions they are kept in, they are routinely given antibiotics (mostly derived from egg), steroids, growth hormones, and a host of other medications-ALL of those things end up in the milk. I was told I was not only lactose intolerant, but ALLERGIC to milk-I had a very serious reaction and almost died from it. Needless to say, I avoided all dairy for over 10 years. A friend explained to me that RAW milk, from organic, grass pastured cows, contained all of the enzymes it needed to digest itself. I was afraid to try it, but eventually did. Now, raw dairy is the staple in my diet. I make yogurt, kefir, sour cream, and cheeses from the raw milk, and never have an issue with it. Same goes for my daughter-she could not tolerate milk from the time she was a baby-now, at age 13, raw dairy is the staple in her diet as well. You don't say how old your son is, so I am not sure what to recommend to you as an alternative. Most answers will likely tell you to ask your pediatrician, but clearly, the products available as formula alternatives, are all the pediatrician can recommend. If you like, you can email me with more info about your lil guy, and I can suggest some things to try him on. I DO recommend that you educate yourself about GMO foods, corn syrup, and other things that are considered "safe" and "normal" foods. They are not safe, and are not the things our bodies are meant to digest. It would be a shame if your little fella developed other allergies because of what he is consuming now. Its happening all too often, I'm afraid.
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Karo is corn syrup which is very bad for anybody's health, especially a baby's, you should research and find a healthier alternative.

Tempest Tempest
Corn syrup is a highly processed product and exceedingly cheap to make. It is no wonder your son likes the formula, it's sweet. There is nothing wrong with the formula being sweet, as natural human breast milk is sweet itself. But it being corn syrup is not healthy. Corn syrup has no nutritional value - it's made from a 15 step refining process, which includes processing it with hydrochloric acid. Not only that, it is not clear if the corn is actually genetically modified or not. And no one knows the long term implications of eating genetically modified ingredients.
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Roni Roni
everyone needs some empty calories for simple quick energy. If that was what you were feeding him, that is different but the corn syrup in his formula is apart of his food , not all of it.
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Monat Monat
yes... it's ok once in a while but not all the time don't you have something like NAN HA (Product of Nestle) in your country? it's for babies with lactose intolerance
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Linsey Linsey
This is why women have breasts!!!! Human children are not EVER lactose intolerant to HUMAN milk. Educate yourself.
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