Can someone help me Im so scared and lonely?

Can someone help me Im so scared and lonely? Topic: Can someone help me Im so scared and lonely?
June 27, 2019 / By Carter
Question: im 24 years old and I have severe ocd and a possible thought disorder. I cannot controll my mind. I have created a near fantasy world for myself, and have a very short attention span. I feel sick in the mind sometimes and it really distresses me. Im very unorganized live in complete clutter. Im so ashamed and scared. I need help. Im going to schedule an appointment with a psycologist and psychiatrist. I can never have any peace, and scared my life is ruined. i have this extreme sick and hopeless feeling. im scared this is going to be a problem that in cant get over. im so lonely. what will happen to me? I have been on medication for 11 years and I think it has lead to alot of my problems, but no one can prove this and it really stresses me out I was diagnosed ocd at age 13. I have been on medicaton since then, but have never been back to a psychiatrist. Part of me blames the medication, and Im also afraid there permanate brain changes that I cannot prove im scared theres habits and patterns and habits i cant change. I was in an ebd school, and in special ed thoughtout high school. Im so hopeless im so distraut, and my has gotten so horrible, i have not bathed in weeks i want to get off my current antidepressant, but i disagree with my doctors advice
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Allin Allin | 3 days ago
What you need to know is that your life is not ruin you're only 24 years old. You got the rest of your life ahead of you and right now it might be going fast because you feel like it is ruined but when you get a schedule going in life it will slow the progress down. You might feel like you can't be happy with your life due to your disorders and short attention span but what you don't know is that you are scared because you don't have it figured out. First thing is first. Medical Advice. Your medication should help you with your main problem if it isn't working then talk to your doctor. But if it is and you feel like it leading to depression you can talk to your doctor about that and get medication to treat it. If there is something else going on still talk to your doctor. Just no matter what talk to your doctor or else it will continue being like this. If you don't agree with your doctor's advice reason with them until you both come to an answer. Sometime antidepressants makes it worst instead of the other way around. Try to get on a new medication. Second. It is good you are going to talk with your psychologist and psychiatrist. And if you are still depressed try making an appointment with a therapist. Someone that can talk to you about your problems and it's confidential, too. They will make you understand and help you. Also if you have friends you could talk to them but not like the stuff your therapist does. Third. You are a slob. You are unorganized, live in complete clutter, ashamed, scared, haven't bathed in weeks, and don't know what to do. You need a game plan. Something to keep you on track! Get a journal or a calender book and make schedules of what you going to start doing with your life. When I get bored I like to plan stuff, makes me feel better because I know what I'm going to do besides waiting for it to happen on it own. Don't think about how lonely you are. The first thing you need to do is to get everything under control. Do you want someone to see you like this? No, you don't because you came here to find out otherwise. Ideas for planning your planning book. You can do it in any order for how many days you want. Step One. Clean up. Buy some cleaning supplies and gloves. Maybe start with cleaning up the house. You can start one day, then the next day clean up more, then the third day finish. Once you completely cleaned the house take a shower. Then when everything is cleaned you can reward yourself with a treat. Go out to eat, buy something, get a snack, or celebrate however. Step Two. Reorganize. You want to feel better? Stop having the same things in the same place and change it around. Once you're done you will feel better. Reward yourself with a treat next. Step Three. Get a job. You need to get the cash flowing to buy the stuff you need and to pay off your bills. So if you don't already have one get one. You can get one by looking online looking for places with the Help Wanted sign and newspapers. Reward yourself with money. Step Four. Buy new clothes, new shoes, new stuff. If you wear new clothes you won't feel like the old you. Reward yourself by wearing them each day. Step Five. Keeping everything all together. Keep it clean, keep it organize, keep the dishes and clothes wash, keep the positive attitude. Try to get everything under controlled. And then you won't be lonely anymore. You'll have a therapist to talk to. You might even find new friends down the road. Make friends with neighbors. You could even find a girlfriend or boyfriend while doing some outdoor activities like jogging, walking, bowling, skating, going out to eat, in hotels, elevators, haha about anywhere. I hoped I helped.
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Allin Originally Answered: Please help, I am really scared.?
You sound like you may have IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) This causes diarrhea and constipation. It's painful. Do you have cramping in your abdomen? Do you get bloated at times? Do you pass gas more than often? If so, you need to see a Gastroenterologist. These doctors deal with all aspects of the digestive system from the mouth to the rectum and everything in between. It really does sound like IBS. Call a doctor and find out. I wish you the best.

Temperance Temperance
Hey hang in there. I do understand you plight since I suffer from depression and attention deficit disorder. I don't have friends and created a fantasy world for myself. Where ever you choose to go do some research and make sure that they have established a good reputation in helping clients. Sad to say mental illness is all trial and error when it comes to medication. You probably weren't prescribed the right meds. Hang in there and don't give up. Seek help to get your symptoms under control.
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Ronda Ronda
Honey if you're that terrified of your household, you must discover an group to your subject that is helping females in want. You have to get out of that apartment and discover your self. You are not able to reside on this trouble whether it is frightening you such a lot. Also marriage to flee your household isn't the reply. I married any one proper out of top college on the grounds that I suggestion it might take me clear of a foul trouble. However that marriage simplest led to heartache. Please get available in the market and discover humans who can support. Since you definitely have entry to a laptop, seem on-line for corporations to your subject who support with gaining Independence talents. Also your whole anxiousness could also be harming your wellbeing. Take a deep breath and pay attention to a couple calming tune. You would desire to peer if you'll be able to discover a health practitioner to your subject who you'll be able to speak to approximately a feasible anxiousness sickness. I have household who've this sickness, and with remedy they're dwelling excellent lives. Hang in there. Just bear in mind that it's as much as you to take your existence into your possess fingers and get the support you have to get out of this dangerous trouble.
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Mona Mona
maybe listen to some fun hip hop music and dance dance you might also call some friends go see a movie take walks have a freindly party and if not in church might find one
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Mona Originally Answered: Im so scared! I think I have diabetes!?
The best thing you can do is educate yourself about diabetes. There are many ways to help control diabetes such as exercise, understanding how foods affect you, medication, and natural supplements are some great places to start. You may have some excessive stress in your life since you are making some major changes in your life. Try to release some of that stress and relax. Educate yourself, release some of your stress, and go see a doctor to be sure what's going on with your body. Here is a website that will you learn more about diabetes. Good luck to you.

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