Wyatt is 11 months old now :( When do I introduce cows milk and how much?

Wyatt is 11 months old now :( When do I introduce cows milk and how much? Topic: Wyatt is 11 months old now :( When do I introduce cows milk and how much?
June 19, 2019 / By Carlyle
Question: He eats just about everything we do but still drinks a ton of formula. Probably 20-25 ounces per day and 8-12 ounces per night, so on average 32 ounces per day!!! Seems like a lot to me but he's even only on the 20 percentile for height and weight. Anyways I'm wondering when to introduce cows milk and how much per day. Will cows milk replace what he is getting from the formula? Will it cause the "runs" or constipation? When I introduced him to formula 2 months ago he got constipated :(
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Allen Allen | 8 days ago
Honestly this is probably a question you shoudl ask your pediatrician just because lots of babies have different allergies with dairy and milk and I think it's different with mostly breastfed babies and formula fed babies. My daughter was formula fed (I tried and tried breast feeding and pumping and I guess i'm not cut out for that one). Anyways, The Pediatrician told me to replace her formula with whole milk( whole milk until she's two years old) and to not give her anymore formula. We ended up weaning her off by giving her milk in the morning and formula before bed time until she really didn't want the formula anymore (only took about a week). We give her about 20 to 24 ounces a day. I have heard that the bracket is somewhere around 16 to 28 ounces a day I think. We giveher a sippy of about 6 ounces in the morning and a sippy of 6 ounces throughout the day, usually right before nap time, and a sippy of 6 to 8 ounces before bed and after her dinner around 6:45 (her bed time is at 8). Milk doesn't fill babies up as much a formula though so remember he may want more regular food than what you may be used to feeding him. She did get a little constipated when we first introduced it which is why we started her on 4 ounces of milk a day and then started upping it every day she was pooping okay and just giving her formula every other time. We tried it head on and my advice is don't just take the formula away and replace it with milk, your son will hate it and so will you but you'll save on diapers cuz he won't poop! lol J/K. But yeah best thing is to go slowly and you shouuldn't run into too much trouble with the diarrhea and constipation but if you any allergies in your family or if he is on a special formula for milk allergies obviously ask your pediatrician. Wow, got winded! lol Good Luck and Happy Birthday to Wyatt next month!
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Allen Originally Answered: Do cows suffer to provide us milk and cheese?
I'm an agricultural engineer and a grain farmer. I don't have milk cows but both in Unversity and work I've been around with milk cows. Milk cows are inseminated when you want to improve your genetics. Some farmers just mate them with their bulls if they are genetically decent. In average a milk cow gets pregnant every 13 months, so you can say a year. That is so they produce continuously milk. Their production peak occurs in their 3rd month of lactation, after that, the production per day starts to descend slowly until a point where the cow gets "dried out" by the farmer to let her enter in heat again. If you compare that to the natural herds of bovines (buffalos, bisons or zebues) they usually get pregnant once a year too, unless that mother is suffering hunger. So in that case is about the same, they are prepared for that. What it changes from natural is the amount of milk produced by these cows. They have been selected and improved in production for many, many generations until achieve the individual production they show in these days. Sometimes, their body is not as prepared as it should be to resist this, so their legs and breasts suffer in some cases. Genetics are also oriented to select animals that resist higher productions too. They live many years more that those you mentioned. Usually a milk cow lasts around 9 years. They are monitored all the time for any kind of diseases. So, in consequence, I'd say that other animals suffer a lot more than milk cows to provide us food. Chickens only live 52 to 55 days until they are slaughtered. Pigs only live a few months also. Plus, their facilities are always crowded. Conclusion is that in order to get cheaper food for all us, sadly some animals have to live shortly or even suffer. Unless people is willing to pay for food the triple of what they do now, things will continue like that. ORGANIC OR NON ORGANIC HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THEM SUFFERING OR NOT. ACTUALLY THEY SUFFER MORE IN AN ORGANIC FARM BECAUSE THEY CAN'T RECIEVE PROPER MEDICATION TO GET CURED.

Tawny Tawny
I was told not to introduce it before 1 year of age. My SIL gave it to her 2nd child at 11 months. So you would probably be all right to try it now. Just do a cup or bottle of it once and then wait a few days to give it again to make sure there is no allergy. Don't give anything else during this time though. Should only introduce one new thing at a time. Yes, the cows milk (whole milk when they start drinking it, not 2% or skim) will replace what he's getting in the formula. It could cause a little constipation but then again, it might be fine. Each child is different.
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Robin Robin
well he is going to go through some changes. whole milk will be new to his system. the runs will pass and so will the constipation. and even if cow milk isn't as good for him as formula, there comes a time when you gotta let the formula go. which is weird because humans are the only species to drink any kind of milk past infancy and from a different kind of animal.....
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Modesty Modesty
i started at 11 months .. a very slow and gradual mixing of the formula and milk.. i started with adding just 1oz of whole milk to every bottle for 4 days, then 2 oz of milk to every bottle for another 4 days and so on.. just to make sure there were no ill effects.. yes whole does constipate.. make sure Wyatt drinks plenty of water and eats lots of fruit.. sometimes i give my son a prune if i see he is constipated or is having hard stools... you will what to decrease the milk intake once he does a full switch.. he should only have 16-24oz of whole milk and then when he is 15 months the doctor may ask you to bring it down again to no more than 16 oz a day.
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Linette Linette
Wait until he's a year old. Mix the formula with the milk 1/3 milk and 2/3 formula for about a week. Then the next week start doing half and half. Then the next week 2/3 milk and 1/3 formula then all milk the next.
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Kaleigh Kaleigh
you should not start introducing any sort of milk until around the age of 1. then u need to gradually introduce it just to make sure there are no allergies. Also, it does not HAVE to be cows milk. We are the only mammals that drink milk from other mammals.. kinda grosses me out a little. My son was raised on soy and rice milk, if i give him cows milk i make sure it is organic. Do your reading though, there are lots of options out there! good luck!
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Gytha Gytha
My pediatrician said I could start at 10 months, but start out with half formula and half milk (only whole milk). Then at a year old can have whole milk.
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Gytha Originally Answered: Switching to cows milk did this give your baby gas?
Your child is still exhibiting an inability to digest milk products. I would go back to the milk-free formula and discuss with the pediatrician about other options. They do have soy milk available, but I believe that formula is best because it is rich in vitamins and minerals, produces less gas and other intestinal problems, and is easier on a little one's tummy.

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