A few p90x questions on diet and program for women.?

A few p90x questions on diet and program for women.? Topic: A few p90x questions on diet and program for women.?
June 17, 2019 / By Carl
Question: Im a 19 y/o and I just ordered p90x. I am not necessarily looking to lose weight. I play a few sports in college, but I'm still not very physically fit. I injured my back/side in volleyball and then ended up resting too long and now my once fairly strong core is soft and weak. I have a large belly for my slight, tall frame now, thats basically the only fat I want to lose. 1.)I was just wondering if I needed to follow the diet plan in order to get good results. I eat ALOT, and my favorite foods are meat, potatoes, fruit, and basically... any junk food. :\ I have always eaten this way, and I used to be able to stay "skinny" with occasinal exercise. 2.)Also, I hear that alot of women do the "lean" track. Is this really the best way to go? I definately don't mind having some muscle as a collegiate athlete. 3.) I also should be running some during this time, because one of my sports involves alot of running. How should I work this in? Will I be able to do the p90x in the morning and run at night, or vice versa? any other tips for me?
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Allarick Allarick | 5 days ago
1. Yes, you should try to follow their nutrition plan for best results...I've been through the program 3x and didn't do the nutrition part and didn't get as good of results as I could have (I just HATE structured eating plans)...I did lose some weight though (which was my desire) and gained muscle and strength...you'll need to eat more healthy than meat, potatos, and "junk" if you want decent results. That food may not cause you weight gain (now) but it's also not the fuel your body needs to build muscle and get you through the workouts at peak performance...make your eating more healthy and save the "junk" as an occasional treat (permanently)...just because something doesn't cause weight gain, doesn't make it healthy...your body doesn't get much benefit from a lot of that stuff (I love it too, I just know it's not what my body needs to perform properly)... 2. I did Classic the first time, Lean Doubles the second time, and Classic the third time...Lean just takes out one strength training day (if I remember correctly) and replaces it with core work I think... 3. It's an intense workout plan, don't overdo...if you feel you can do it and run, then you'd be on the "doubles" plan and just going running insted of using the cardio DVD as your 2nd one of the day...give yourself a week at least of working just the program, before you decide if you want to add another workout (the workouts themselves are right about an hour, except yoga which is 90 mins).
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Allarick Originally Answered: Does P90x work without the diet plan for women?
I've done p90x and followed the diet plan. It's great for toning up, improving cardiovascular health, increasing flexibility, and improving overall fitness. But the p90x diet plan is meant to get people "ripped" or "super fit" etc. It is not meant to cause weight loss. You can, however, combine p90x with a low calorie diet (high carb, low carb, vegetarian, whatever you want) to produce weight loss. So to answer your question: You will not achieve significant weight loss if you follow the p90x diet plan. And I just have to say this: Unless you are a world class athlete, a professional boxer, or Lance Armstrong-- it is impossible to lose a significant amount of weight on exercise alone. It MUST MUST MUST MUST MUST MUST MUST be combined with REDUCED CALORIC INTAKE. It doesn't matter if you're a vegetarian, or a vegan, or a carnivore, or whatever-- if you do not reduce your overall caloric intake you cannot lose a significant amount of weight (unless you exercise 4 hours per day 6 days a week at maximum cardiovascular capacity).
Allarick Originally Answered: Does P90x work without the diet plan for women?
Sometimes diet AND exercise are required to lose weight. P90X has three nutrition phases. The first is called the Fat Shredder. Basically, you limit your carb intake quite a bit and take in more protein. There are vegetarian alternatives for protein such as soy. This is all discussed in the P90X nutrition plan. The phase is 50% protein, 30% carbs, and 20% fats (mostly good fats). They say that if you want to shed more weight, to extend this first phase past week four. You may not be losing weight right now because you're taking in too many carbs. You need to turn your body into a fat burning machine. To do this you need to limit your carbs. Also, don't eat about 3 hours before you go to bed. If you do, make sure there are zero carbs. Have a protein shake or something. And stay away from my chicken!

Tatum Tatum
my pal is on P90x however has a difficult time sticking to the application... NEVER purchase any one elses meals plans.. there simply there to lead them to cash.. grocery retail outlets are lovely convenient to discover nowadays.. I pass to the health club every day besides weekends.. I ran pass nation aswell throughout prime tuition... the first-class factor I can advocate is a health club club or gear and a well determine pal... you'll goal places you desire to repair and a few others you desire to rock... a habbit takes best weeks to variety and a health club lifestyles will maintain you kickin @$$ and takin names for the relaxation of your lifestyles... there aren't any rapid fixes best decision...
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Rizpah Rizpah
take a 30 second break in the middle of your meal evaluate just how hungry you still are before getting back to your food
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Rizpah Originally Answered: how important is the diet when doing p90x?
The p90x diet isn't about eating healthy. It's about burning fat fast. If you understand why you're eating like you're eating for the program, you can change some things around. But don't think you can get the same results just by "eating healthy".

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