Upset stomach? Why Do i get like this?

Upset stomach? Why Do i get like this? Topic: Upset stomach? Why Do i get like this?
October 23, 2019 / By Cari
Question: Everytime I eat something... it can be anything, I get really bad cramps. I went to the ER one night cause the pain got so bad and they did all the tests from an ultrasound to a catscan and found that i was just really constipated. But now i can use the bathroom. BUT everything that I eat gets me nauseated. The stomach pains arent all the time but the nausea is. The nausea gets so bad that I can't even move! Can someone please help me. I do not like feeling like this!
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Allaric Allaric | 4 days ago
There may still be something that the ER didn't find - your regular DR will look for more things & follow this over time. I felt similar things & it was GERD - which caused all sorts of stomach issues. Might try eating bland, easy to digest foods for now. Constipation can cause severe cramping - I eat Raisin Bran every morning & drink a lot of water to keep regular. But I don't think that would cause nausea. So follow up with a regular doctor so you can figure out what this really is. If he/she says it's emotional, then you can deal with it without worrying that it is something worse. At least then you will know.
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Allaric Originally Answered: What would cause you to wake up every day with gas, bloating and an upset stomach?
Doctors don't really have a good treatment for IBS. Bloating is usually caused by not digesting your food properly. If you have too many of the wrong bacteria in your intestines they can irritate your digestive system and hinder good digestion. They also produce a lot of gas as they eat the food that you weren't able to digest. When people consult me for help with IBS I usually put them on a program similar to the one in a book called Linda's Flat Stomach Secrets (find it on Amazon). It has a diet for a few weeks to help you find out what's causing the bloating. You'll have to stop eating some favourite foods for a few weeks but it's worth it to get rid of such a nasty problem.
Allaric Originally Answered: What would cause you to wake up every day with gas, bloating and an upset stomach?
Are you doing the BRAT diet? Bananas, rice, apples and toast. Try not to eat too much outside that, and be sure to keep hydrated with an electrolyte solution or gatorade. Even small sips regularly will keep you on the right track. If you're eating the wrong things and not keeping hydrated, this could exacerbate the situation. Disclaimer to all of what I'm suggesting: I'm not a doctor and I don't play one on TV. Stomach problems: my husband and I have had quite a lot of experience from it. A few years back I had a bacterial infection or food poisoning that went on for about a month. After two weeks, it seemed to pass. Then after a couple days it came back with a vengeance, including fever and shakes. Eventually I went on a full course of antibiotics and I stuck to the treatment and it passed. The same thing happened with my husband. 3-4 weeks of diarrhea and upset stomach, finally being prescribed antibiotics and then it went away. I know how horrible stomach trauma can be. I hope it passes dude and you get better.

Tate Tate
theres somthing wrong here. you need to go to the doctor so they can figure it out. at this point its nt just constipation.
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Rita Rita
hmm, you should seek more medical help, but i used to get nauseous and it was just my anxiety. you could have ibs, but i really dont know. good luck, and keep persisting until you find the right doctor.
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Rita Originally Answered: baby constipation?. or upset stomach?
The baby's digestive system is still forming. They will strain for quite some time to go to the bathroom and will have gas. I thought my baby was constipated and had terrible gas problems because he would grunt all night. My pediatrician said that it was normal. It goes away around three months.

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