how to help dogs with joint pain?

how to help dogs with joint pain? Topic: how to help dogs with joint pain?
June 19, 2019 / By Campion
Question: my dog seems to have problems with her legs and paws at night she licks her her paws and when she gets up she looks stiff so i wanted to know if there is somthing good for joint pain i know about GLUCOSAMINE HCL very hard to find is there a alternative and if there is no alternative should I use tablets or liquid? or something more common to natural
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Alic Alic | 8 days ago
I have 5 dogs...3 are getting older.... For the last few years I have given them a Glucosamine/Chondroitin/MSM "Joint Complex" made by Swiss Herbal - available over the counter at the drug store. I cannot believe that you are having such a hard time finding it. I use the human version...it's still all natural so you don't have to find a "dog specific" one. My beagle (who is turning 13) was also having some arthritic pains. When it seemed bad, I used the 81 mg Aspirin that people use to thin their blood. Both these treatments were okay'ed by my vet before I started. After a few month of the Glu/Cho/MSM, she no longer needed the Aspirin at all. I wish you luck! If you want dosage details, e-mail me with the breed/weight of your dog and I'll try to help. Up here in Canada a bottle of the "Joint Complex" sells for about $20 and you get 120 pills.
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Alic Originally Answered: Joint pain relief for dogs?
you mention fish oil which in my opinion is crud- a generic product that that may or may no include the sea's bottom feeders, salmon oil is vastly superior. A mix of glucosamine, MSM and chondroitin will help but will not be an over night fix. I know humans that sy that with out them they feel bad. Contact NaturVet and speak to your vet- they have the widest range of natural joint care products for both dogs and cats. http://www.naturaldogs.co.uk/store/natur... You may additionally need NSAIDs to help with the pain and inflammation- your vet will advise you further. Hope you find some relief ASAP.
Alic Originally Answered: Joint pain relief for dogs?
You can use a good homeopathic pain relief for your dog. It does not have any side effects and provides instant relief from joint pains due to arthritis. A homeopathic product having ingredients mostly from plants is very effective in treatment of many problems due to arthritis. If you really want to have something valuable for your dog then visit petbouncedirect.com

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Well there are a few things you could do but you need to get it from your vet. The first are in the form of NSAID's such as Rimadyl on such previding her blood work is clean. or you can give her adaquan shots which are givin to race horses to help with arthritis. also any suppliment with Hyluronic acid is very good at helping as well. Talk to your vet and see what her options are.
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Rika Rika
Don't try to diagnose your dog; you don't know what you're doing. Consult the professional: he went to school for a long time to get that DVM after his name.
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Rika Originally Answered: Is there a natural remedy for dogs with joint pain?
There are lots of anti-inflammatory supplements that help with joint pain in dogs, as in people. Among them are turmeric, glucosamine, MSM, chondroitin, sam-E, Wobenzym-N, fish oil gelcaps, flaxseed oil, SODS, green tea extract. Do not expect rapid results - three or more weeks will likely be needed before you notice improvement.

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