My 4 week old kitten meows when I clean it's butt?

My 4 week old kitten meows when I clean it's butt? Topic: My 4 week old kitten meows when I clean it's butt?
October 15, 2019 / By Cameron
Question: I recently found a kitten I'm guessing it's about 4 weeks. His butt looks inside out and he doesn't clean himself very well so I take a wipe and clean it. Everytime I do he meows like he is in pain I can't afford a vet right now any suggestions on what I can do. He eats and plays very well and is very active. His stool is loose but no diaherra It doesn't look like prolapsed colon just looks sore and he doesn't strain to use the bathroom
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Alger Alger | 6 days ago
I know it is pricey, but since he is so little he really needs to be seen by a vet. If you do some research you can locate low cost vets and sometimes if you explain the circumstances they will cut you a small break, but be sure to do research on the clinics and make sure they have good online reviews. When I first rescued a kitten he had loose stools for a couple days but it stopped when he started getting regular food. The vet will be able to tell you if he needs any medicine. Cats are self cleaning, but if you really feel he needs help don't use anything more than toilet paper and don't try too hard. He's just a baby, after all.
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Alger Originally Answered: How to clean my butt?:/?
Purchase moist, disposable or flushable wipes in any supermarket. Make certain not to purchase baby wipes as they are not flushable and can glog your toilet. I use flushable wipes after first using dry toilet paper. You can sit on the toilet bowl without having a bowel movement and wipe your anus. In a hurry, I use the moist wipes to dry my armpits. Moist, pubic hair collects bacteria that have a by-product called odor. A beard trimmer can trim body hair to the skin-level without nics. Use the moist wipes to wipe your forehead and balding head. Sebum is the name of the oily secretion that glog hair follicles and cause hair to finally fall-out. Testosterone that is secreted in the scalp is converted to dihydrotestosterone that attacks hair follicles and lead to non-inherited baldness. Harrald

Tamzen Tamzen
diarrhea can right now kill a kitten. they right now develop into dehydrated. abrupt nutrition ameliorations are merely about continually to blame at that age. in case your vet says no longer something is incorrect, per chance they're relating intestinal parasites...per chance she has none. i might want to point poultry or turkey human babyfood (meat purely, no vegetables, no rice, no noodles) merely immediately meat for twenty-four hours. if the kitten has no parasites, some drops of liquid amoxicillian once an afternoon for 10 days will resolves this. you would possibly want to get this out of your vet. in case you cant get the amoxi out of your vet, see if there's a product on your section (chain puppy shops dont carry it yet you may google the employer and discover the nearest shop) get some "Nature's kind raw Frozen" nutrition and commence blending it with the toddler nutrition in small quantities after 24 hours. be very careful of constipation. after the kitten's diarrhea has stopped (approx. 3-4 nutrition on the raw nutrition) commence steadily including whichever canned cat nutrition you need to apply for regularly. no longer ALL raw, FROZEN puppy ingredients ARE NUTRITIONALLY finished although the nature's kind is, it truly is why i'm recommending that style. do no longer feed her dry nutrition or any fish flavored cat nutrition. it truly is taken under consideration necessary that you cope with this in the present day otherwise it would want to right now kill her. Janet, below, also has a really solid factor....at the same time as she became examined by technique of the vet, did he verify her abdomen? does it seem swollen or is she skinny? constipation can kill a kitten or cat merely as well as diarrhea can. if her abdomen is distended, she truly has to bypass again to the vet in the present day. is she nevertheless ingesting enthusiastically?
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Richendra Richendra
Clean it with wet tissue and not a wipe. Wipes might have chemicals in it thats hurting it. Or if it still meows when you use wet tissue then dont clean it at all. Best thing to do if its really causing him pain would be to take him to a vet and ask about it or maybe get an older cat to do it as cats are social animals and clean other cats if they class them as family.
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Minta Minta
You can't afford a vet? Then don't adopt a pet. Animal shelters are full of animals that people took a liking to, but could not care for. millions are put to death every month. You're feline has a prolapsed colon, he/she needs surgery, look up cat rescues on google in your area and see if a vet will see him/her for free.
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Lilli Lilli
It's probably inflamed. If he has diarrhea and has a hard time pushing it out, that can happen. Try giving him cat food with more fiber. Or just put a little flax seed in it
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Lilli Originally Answered: 4 week old constipated kitten?
yes, bottle feed the liquid kitten formula like KMR. and if necessary use something like Laxatone. take it to the vet. the more wet food, the better.

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