What should I eat to put weight on? (Vegetarian)?

What should I eat to put weight on? (Vegetarian)? Topic: What should I eat to put weight on? (Vegetarian)?
June 17, 2019 / By Cam
Question: I want to put on a bit of weight, but I'm sporty, and even when I gave up sports for a year and did literally nothing, I didn't put on any weight! I think I have a VERY fast metabolism. I eat cereal for breakfast, I usually don't have lunch in school because of my social anxiety, but once I get home, I eat a bowl of dolmio sauce and pasta, and then for dinner I have anything from vegetarian lasagna, to vegetarian roast, to vegetarian hot dogs, to pasta.. well, the list is endless. I've been trying to eat past the point that I am full. But my mum raised me to be health conscious; I drink lots of water, do lots of sports, eat healthy, don't eat much chocolate, eat no sweets, don't drink alcohol. I have a sugar intolerance, so I feel sick after one chocolate bar. Is there a way that I can put on a bit of weight without eating junk? What foods should I eat?
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Alfy Alfy | 4 days ago
First, make sure you should gain weight: go to a doctor and get your body fat, mass index and other parameters measured. Sometimes we think we need to gain weight but medically you don't need it. It is certainly not worth risking your health just to correct a perceived, but unreal "problem". Also, there are medical reasons for not gaining weight such as parasites or thyroid problems that can be treated. If you do need to gain weight, I recommend seeing a nutritionist. They will give you a meal plan that includes more high calorie foods such as fats. Try to stick to healthy vegetable oils, that can be added to almost any food. Packing up on starches is also a good way to go.
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Alfy Originally Answered: How can have a healthy vegetarian life? And are there any good and easy vegetarian recipes?
(Don't worry, I am also a very picky eater...) One could probably be a like a Sumo wrestler on a vegetarian diet - if they wanted to. :P A person can definately have a healthy vegetarian life through balanced diet of fruit and vegies. If you want to be a vegetarian with a bit more "proportion", dairy products (like animal-rennet free cheese and fresh milk) will certainly help. Although, personally I am a lacto-vegetarian (which means I don't eat eggs), eggs are very rich in protein and might help you on your quest. But just remember, everything in moderation, as eating too many eggs can lead to certain health problems. Any good and easy recipes? hmm, maybe try a book called "Vegetarian Cooking for Dummies" by Suzanne Havala - (I've heard good things about it) There are volumes of books on quick and easy ways to cook vegetarian meals. Also maybe try the following website: http://recipefinder.ninemsn.com.au/index.aspx?page_num=1§ionid=1569&subsectionid=2295&genericid=89&GenericIDFlag=true (There are heaps more, but you may have to sift through them to find what you are looking for)

Tamson Tamson
peanut butter helps someone help me plz? http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20090216142358AAuL2QC
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Richardine Richardine
eat red meat.... orange juice.... lots of meat... and more meat.... I know u are vegiterian but meat has lots of protein that your body needs.... i dont see why people dont eat meat.... kinda weird....
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Mindy Mindy
Isn't there anywhere to eat lunch in private? Even just an energy bar or something. Also, try adding a smoothie in the morning with fruit, yogurt and soy protein powder in it. Cheese, nuts and avocados are high in fat, which might help. Don't eat past the point of being full - that's bad for you.
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Lilias Lilias
My younger sister has the same problem, but she eats meat .. she does a lot of sports, and eats more than i do, and im two years older. She gets called anorexic by people at times, but she can't help it. There may not be anything you can do. My friend also has a similar problem and saw the doctor and they put him on pills to make him gain weight.
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Lilias Originally Answered: How can I gain weight as a vegetarian?
Vegan diet is a safe weight gain treatment because vegan is low in saturaterd fat ad has no cholesterol. a skinny person should not eat animal fats because a skinny person cannot tolerate the saturated fats and cholesterol he eats that may lead to cardiovascular and liver disease. You need to consume healthy fats like coconut oil because coconut oil contains the safest saturated fats in the planet which are called Medium Chain Triglycerides which are different from animal fats. You also need sufficient amount of complex carbohydrates like rice and potato for production of fats. Sugar should be limited because skinny persons cannot tolerate high blood sugar that may lead to hyperglycemia and diabetes. Healthy weight gain is not all about fats and carbohydrates. You also need protein, nutritious foods and and adequate intake of water for better distribution of nutrients and for hydration too. Protein rich food for muscles like tofu, gluten, beans, nuts, seed, seaweeds, etc. Avoid caffeine and theobromine, as far as I know, caffeine and theobromine can make you energetic because it gives you an artificial energy. unlike calories which give you energy at the same time contributes to weight gain, caffeine and theobromine doesn't contribute to weight gain. I was hyperactive when I was a child and that keeps me slim. My psychiatrist prohibited me from consuming chocolates(which contain both caffeine and theobromine) and coffee. Now, I gain a lot of weight and I have to lose a lot of body fats. Although green tea have caffeine, green tea contains polyphenols and catechins that can be useful for weight gain treatment. Fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals that can help you gain weight. Avoid eating non nutritive high cellulose foods like celery because it may lead to malnutrition. Food that can be helpful for healthy weight gain treatment -High Calorie nutritious food -Banana -Tofu -Beans -Seeds and nuts -Rice -Soy Milk -Fruits and Vegetables -Coconut oil -Coconut Milk -Soy Protein Isolates(may pose health problems) -Brewers Yeast -Yeast Extract -Seaweeds -Potato -Fortified snacks -Fortified flour -Olive oil -Flax seeds -Flax seed meal -Fruit juice

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