is it normal to have daily diarrhea?

is it normal to have daily diarrhea? Topic: is it normal to have daily diarrhea?
October 23, 2019 / By Cal
Question: about a year now I've been having daily diarrhea for like 2 years, i know its not normal but does anyone know what I can do to fix this? Or maybe knows what happening to me?
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Alf Alf | 8 days ago
Diarrhea describes bowel movements (stools) that are loose and watery. It is very common and usually not serious. Many people will have diarrhea once or twice each year. It typically lasts two to three days and can be treated with over-the-counter medicines. Others have diarrhea often as part of irritable bowel syndrome or other chronic diseases of the large intestine. Osmotic diarrhea means that something in the bowel is drawing water from the body into the bowel. A common example of this is "dietetic candy" or "chewing gum" diarrhea, in which a sugar substitute, such as sorbitol, is not absorbed by the body but draws water from the body into the bowel, resulting in diarrhea. Secretory diarrhea occurs when the body is releasing water into the bowel when it's not supposed to. Many infections, drugs, and other conditions cause secretory diarrhea. Exudative diarrhea refers to the presence of blood and pus in the stool. This occurs with inflammatory bowel diseases, such as Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis, and several infections. Some cases of diarrhea require medical attention. Diarrhea can quickly deplete the body's supply of water and electrolytes (such as sodium and potassium) that tissues need to function. People who are very young, old, or sick may have difficulty replacing lost fluids. Also, when diarrhea lasts for several weeks or contains blood, a serious illness may be the cause. In these cases, you should contact your doctor immediately.
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Alf Originally Answered: On a normal healthy diet (to lose weight and lower cholesterol) what is a good daily amount of sodium?
The maximum intake per day at 2300 milligrams but recommended not exceeding 1500 milligrams. Maximum sodium should come from fresh vegetables and fruits. Avoid sodium from fried food,chips, or taking salt sprinkling on food.
Alf Originally Answered: On a normal healthy diet (to lose weight and lower cholesterol) what is a good daily amount of sodium?
One teaspoon of salt per day is way too much according to most authorities. That's less than 2,300 mg of sodium per day. The food industry will increase salt content of food to make up for less fat and less sugar. The food industry is manipulating these ingredients and also adding MSG and aspartame to improve flavor. MSG is used in experimental rats to make them obese for laboratory testing. I've come to the decision of making my own meals from fresh whole foods rather than allow myself to be contaminated with excess salt, fat, sugar, colorings, flavorings, sweeteners, animal proteins, and preservatives. Cheese is one of the saltiest foods around. The casein (cow milk protein) is also strongly correlated with cancer and heart disease. The USDA is working overtime to promote cheese while another branch of that same agency warns against excess consumption. I recommend that you start preparing your own meals using the following authors for guidance: Dr. Neal Barnard Dr. T. Colin Campbell Dr. Joel Fuhrman Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr. These are all peer reviewed researchers in the field of human nutrition. Don't be a victim of the food industry.

Tamika Tamika
Diarrhea might be a a simple concern or warning signs of a larger condition. Generally it's very little to worry about and will in most cases disappear around a couple of days. If it does not you could try having some drugs you can buy from the drug store to help you to stop halt it. If it continues on for more than 3 days then you should really go to the doctor simply because you can have something a great deal more critical.
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Rhianna Rhianna
If you have it daily than perhaps it's a problem with your gallbladder not producing or producing too much bile
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Rhianna Originally Answered: How to stop diarrhea of a 3-year old child? my daughter often gets diarrhea, where she passes motion?
Try to feed her foods that are not laxative when she has diarrhea...like banana for fruits, smashed carrots, toast with cheese...nothing that can ferment in her stomach, and nothing sweet or that has sugar. So no juice either..it will be best if she can drink mint tea . IBS is not hereditary and diarrhea can have multiple causes. Try to see what u gave her to eat and what can cause this, if is something that appears often means is something that she eats constantly...like milk, or a sort of veggie that she doesn't like. Just observe her digestion and try to remember what could possibly provoke this.

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