does alabama have it to repeat in 2011? and why are all bowls going to espn?

does alabama have it to repeat in 2011? and why are all bowls going to espn? Topic: does alabama have it to repeat in 2011? and why are all bowls going to espn?
October 15, 2019 / By Cainan
Question: is it fair a person who cannot cable hookup will not see any more bowl games on free tv? espn has 2011 bcs game! as well as others
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Best Answers: does alabama have it to repeat in 2011? and why are all bowls going to espn?

Alerick Alerick | 6 days ago
Bama should be favored ESPN pays the cash they get the games, pretty simple! Only probation can prevent Bama from winning 4 or 5 Championships over the next 10 years.
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Alerick Originally Answered: Utah or Alabama in the Sugar Bowl tonight?
Even if ALabama wins the game it shows how weak SEC conference is. Perennial doormat Utes gave them difficulty. Zebras are doing everything they can for Alabama. Watch the head lineman when he spot the ball and the ref calls are horrible. Most of the penalties are against Utes. The Quarterback was out of the pocket while the ball sailed past the line of scrimmage and they called it intentional grounding! The Utes player didn't touched the punt returner and the refs called it interference! These officials needs to be investigated. I will not be surprised if they had a bet on this game. The result of the game don't matter now. SEC SUCKS!!!!!

Tami Tami
ESPN has had many bowl games for a while but never any of the biggest ones. Its all about money and now that ESPN has bought the rights to the BCS games then theres nothing anyone can do. Any other network could have bought the rights but it didnt happen and ESPN gets it. Its not fair to the common viewer but it wouldnt be fair to tell ESPN no because people without cable cant watch it. That would be like saying we cant have the Olympics on TV because not everyone has a TV. The BCS wants to make money too so they will give the TV rights to whoever is willing to pay the most.
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Rheta Rheta
No Alabama will not repeat. They were not even the best team in the country this year! They were not even favored until Florida decided to play a crappy game in the SEC championship. And then, Before McCoy got injured, Texas had all the momentum. There is no way Bama would have even played close if McCoy was still in the game. I cant believe all the hype for Alabama. Nobody cared until they beat a sleepwalking Florida team.
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Mildreth Mildreth
Alabama may repeat as there not losing there stars (ex. Florida-Tebow, Texas-McCoy, Notre Dame- Clausen, Stanford-Gerhart) ESPN is getting all the bowls games because the NCAA's contract with Fox expired and they picked it up.
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Libby Libby
They are returning 7 offensive starters and 5 defensive starters, including Rolando McClain(whom I was sure would go pro). So, yeah, they have the tools. We lose Mike Johnson on the O-Line and Javier Arenas on defense. Those are the two most significant losses and we have the depth to absorb that. Bama's gonna be hell on wheels for awhile.
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goldfish are terrible, and people buy them because they don't know better. what annoys me is when people refuse to learn the proper way to house them and insists their bowls are fine. however I recently got a job at a local pet store (PLEASE don't take this as me saying you should listen to pet store employees! mostly, they know nothing. I have my info before I started there and trust me, they don't train employees to be knowledgeable!), so now I get to tell people their bowl is not suitable and I can't sell them goldfish if they're planning on keeping it in there :) bettas need heater to be healthy. bottom line. so as long as it's 2g or larger and you keep it clean I have no complaints :) they keep male bettas in the cups at stores because it's efficient. there is no way they could put each male in a tank by himself. they aren't supposed to stay in stores long, so as a temp home the cups aren't bad. a knowledgeable store will often have a male betta in each of their community displays instead of the cups... but it's a rare find. ----- lol yeah... as I said they don't train you to work in a pet store so you should ALWAYS do your own research instead of relying on what they say.

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