Some fast-acting laxatives for a prank?

Some fast-acting laxatives for a prank? Topic: Some fast-acting laxatives for a prank?
June 18, 2019 / By Byrne
Question: I'd like to know, my boyfriend and I are going to prank his mom for being very grumpy lately. Thanks.
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Best Answers: Some fast-acting laxatives for a prank?

Aldridge Aldridge | 8 days ago
Just trust me: this will not be as funny as you think. When laxatives are involved nobody wins... nobody. I mean, best case scenario they get intense diarrhea but can control it (which isn't that funny). Worst case scenario they can't control it and your in the room. It stops being funny when they can pin it to you. The third option is you leave and let what happens happen, but that, again, isn't that funny.
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Aldridge Originally Answered: Natural fast- acting laxatives?
Uncle Lee`s Dieter Tea.It has senna in it.Should get things moving fairly fast.The Sennokot tablets are also made from the same natural ingredient.
Aldridge Originally Answered: Natural fast- acting laxatives?
Normally medicines that list diarrhea as side effect, it's not a guarantee. Lot's of fruit like cherry's. Or drink some river water.

Talisha Talisha
That's a crappy idea. It certainly shows your maturity and intelligence. If you were to do it, it certainly wouldn't improve her mood, especially if she figures it out.
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Regena Regena
what the??? jeez why doesn't somebody give you some laxative so you can be in the bathroom all night. huh? won't that just be so much fun........
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Regena Originally Answered: Is there a European herb which causes fast acting paralysis?
Hemlock causes paralysis but it isn't very fast acting. Wolfsbane, monkshood or aconitum causes very rapid death. The toxin can also be extracted as a powder and mixed into a tea. It was used that way on the show Kung Fu where Caine poisoned a Tong leader and made his heart seem to stop. "Young KCC: You mean it is a poison? Kan: A very powerful one. It’s essence is Aconite. Young KCC: Then it can be used to heal? Kan: Yes. But only when combined with other substances in the most exact proportions. As with all things of nature. It can be used by man for good or evil. Study this herb carefully, for the difference of life and death, in it, can be measured in the blinking of an eye.–KF*" http://kungfu-guide.com/addendum/addendu... They both are found in Europe. A puffer fish would probably be better for causing paralysis but aconitum is very close for a plant toxin. "Aconitine is a potent neurotoxin that opens tetrodotoxin-sensitive sodium channels. " Tetrodotoxin is what makes puffer fish poisonous. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aconitum

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