Sad because I can't stop eating and I eat because I am sad.?

Sad because I can't stop eating and I eat because I am sad.? Topic: Sad because I can't stop eating and I eat because I am sad.?
June 27, 2019 / By Buz
Question: How can I stop the vicious cycle? When I get sad, depressed, or stressed, I eat....and when I eat I get more sad because I know I need to lose weight. I feel that this is a dangerous cycle that I need to stop immediately but just can't seem to break. Any suggestions would be greatly apprecitated. Please only comments of courage and not any derogatory suggestions.
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Aldrich Aldrich | 7 days ago
being overweight depressed me big time!! It takes about 2 weeks for the body to recognize that it isn't eating as much and the pounds start to slide off. don't eat after 7 pm and give the body a rest and chance to use up some of the calories it had during the day I found Dr Mao on Yahoo Health Here are six simple tips that will have you losing weight in a balanced and healthy way. 1. Lose weight with water. Water is essential for everybody - it is also the key to losing weight. If you haven't been drinking enough water, your body has developed a pattern of storing water. This water retention equals extra unwanted weight. By drinking more water, you are not only flushing out toxins, you are also teaching your body that it no longer needs to store water. Drink at least 60 ounces of water (about 8 glasses) a day. Boil water and sliced lemons, and drink this throughout the day to help with fluid retention. If you are still not sold on the merits of water, try this on for size: water is a natural appetite suppressant. 2. Soup up your weight loss program. A simple dietary change will have you shedding pounds: eat a bowl of soup at least once a day. Nutritious, low-salt soups will nourish you as they flush waste from your body. People who eat a serving of soup daily lose more weight than those who eat the same amount of calories but don't eat soup. Go for homemade soup whenever possible, as canned soups are loaded with salt and chemicals. 3. Eat early to keep weight off. The human body follows a circadian rhythm, which means that the same foods eaten at breakfast and lunch are processed differently than when eaten at dinner. Studies show that when you eat your daily protein and fat at breakfast you tend to lose weight and have more energy; however, eating the same things at dinner tend to increase tendencies toward weight gain. I suggest that you eat your last meal of the day by 7 p.m. 4. Eat smaller meals, more frequently. Follow an eating schedule with five little meals every day. Eating steadily through the day keeps you from becoming famished and overeating at your next meal. Make a low-fat trail mix from raw almonds, pumpkin seeds, dried plum, and apples and have it available at all times to avoid the tempting lure of high-calorie snacks. 5. Adopt a balanced approach to your diet. Most of the fad diet programs out there nowadays are extreme in a few recommended foods, or else deprive the body of food altogether. This works in opposition to our metabolism and the results usually don't last, producing a yoyo effect that depresses your metabolic function - not to mention your self-esteem. We are natural beings that need a balance of nutrition from all sources. Your diet should consist of a balance of organic sources of lean protein, complex carbohydrates, whole grains, legumes, nuts, fruits, and vegetables. Instead of white rice and pasta, opt for brown rice, bulgur, millet, or buckwheat. Eat more green, chlorophyll-rich foods such as broccoli, kale, spinach, and asparagus. Eliminate candy, sugar, soda, and all simple sugars from your diet. Excess sugar ends up being stored as fat in your body, which results in weight gain. Also, keep dairy to a minimum because most dairy products are high in saturated fat. Avoid fatty foods, processed or fried foods. 6. Walk off the weight. The No. 1 cause of weight gain is inactivity. Physical activity is the key to speeding up your metabolism and burning excess calories. The best way to be physically active is to use your legs! Walk as often and as long as you can. Always take the stairs instead of the elevator. Step outside during your break at work and take a walk around your building. Consider joining a local hiking club. Try taking a walk 30 minutes in the morning or 30 minutes in the early evening. I hope this article helps you shed some pounds and add on the years! I invite you to visit often and share your own personal health and longevity tips with me. May you live long, live strong, and live happy! -Dr. Mao Yahoo Health
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Aldrich Originally Answered: How to stop eating? ?
Actually, it's been proven that if you stop eating altogether, you gain more weight because the body feeds on it's own fat storage. If you wanna eat small, this is what I did when I was younger. In the morning, drink a bottle of water straight. Then eat two tablespoons of peanut butter. PB fills you up. Drink water all through the day. Green tea helps burn fat. Right before you go to bed have two more tablespoons of PB.

Taletta Taletta
you're me 4 years ago the only thing i can say is get out of your slump and go to the gym every time you want to eat. not to lose weight but to get endorphins. those are the "feel good" chemicals that your brain releases when you exercise. just increasing your activity will make you feel better. iv'e lost 100 and never thought i could do all it takes is a mind set and a commitment to yourself.
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Regana Regana
Depresions a *****. get out and talk to someone when you feel like eating, call a frend, interact eaven if you don't feel like it. learn to cook, it works for me, becuse while your cooking the ingreadients are raw and you can't eat them, but you are still involved with food, so it's fun, then invite some one to eat with you. good luck, and don't beat your self up, if you don't feel bad about eating your won't need to eat as much.
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Michelyne Michelyne
1. Rid your house of all those nasty foods that call your name and won't shut up until you eat them. I used to buy bad foods, then eat them all in one sitting so that they wouldn't be around to make me gain weight in the future. Weird huh? If they aren't in the house, you will be less likely to think about them and eat them. 2. If what you feel like doing is having something to munch on for the sake of munching, STOP! .. pause... step away from the bad foods... and grab some veggies! Celery is awesome. Just chewing it burns calories! Keep munching until your mouth gets tired, your stomach feels full, or until you're no longer thinking about oreos. Whatever comes first. 3. Drinks lots of water. Being dehydrated makes you think that you're hungry when you may just be thristy. 4. Ok so I know you may think it's going to suck but it's time to work out. I had this fear of going to the gym and working out on those machines while hundreds of fit spectators watch my flabby tummy bounce around. So I started out in the privacy of my own home. I recommend purchasing Billy Blanks Tae Bo Cardio Circuit. You get to work out, have fun, and feel like you're kicking butt at the same time! If you follow the video it helps you work out every part of your body while you burn calories! It's also less time consuming then getting dressed in your nice workout clothes and driving to the gym. You just pop in the video and get ready to have some fun! The pro of excercising is that it gives you more energy and causes you to feel better about yourself. When you feel better about yourself you may become less likely to overeat. 5. Don't weigh yourself . When I weigh myself it makes me even more upset as my scale never says 115 pounds. Let the judge of your health be how good you feel and how your old clothes are fitting. If your clothes are getting tighter, it's time for an adjustment. If your clothes are getting looser keep up the good work! 6. When you do eat, eat slowly. With each bite you take let it stay in your mouth for a bit and chew it before swallowing. This will allow you to enjoy your food, and give your stomach more time let you know it's had enough. 7. Try to eat three meals a day at about 500 calories a meal. Start looking at fat and calorie content of the foods your eating, and eventually you'll know thats a safe bet to eat and what's not. You may think "Oh man one serving of pie has 500 calories. If I eat 500 calories a meal I'm going to be starving!" But here's the catch: you can eat larger portions of low cal food, or small portions of high cal food. Eating larger protions of low cal food will make you feel fuller and less likely to overeat later. Also, not all low cal food sucks in the flavour department. I recommend a cook book called "Healthy in a Hurry." They have some great meals in there that are fast and easy to make, tasty, filling, and low calorie! 8. Don't diet. This is a "lifestyle change." Your new plan is too eat healthy and exercise, not diet. Put more emphasis on changing your lifestyle then on the actually results, and the results will follow anyways. 9. Don't go around telling everyone about your new plan. People can be discouraging soemtimes, even if they don't realise it, and you will constantly feel that everyone is evaluating you. This is something you're doing for you and it's no one elses business. 10. This is your life. Look at it, shape it, and live it the way you always wanted to. You have the power to live your life however you want. Change your life and live the way you always wanted to live!
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Michelyne Originally Answered: Help! I can't stop eating!?
Ask your doc about switching you to a different medication with fewer side effects. Eat foods that are rich in protein and fiber such as fruits, veggies, and unprocessed meats. Protein shakes also help. You'll stay full a lot longer.

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