I have a question about weight loss?

I have a question about weight loss? Topic: I have a question about weight loss?
October 15, 2019 / By Bud
Question: Well, I'm pretty thin but sometimes i wish my thighs and butt were thinner... but whenever i work out, i lose fat in my boobs and everywhere but my thighs and butt! its really annoying, and i have small boobs anyways so i really don't want to lose size but I want to lose some weight so is there any way i can change this and target the weight loss to my thigh area?
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Aldford Aldford | 10 days ago
You can't really target the weight loss on your thigh area, but you can do more "thigh exercises"; Work the entire area of the thigh when working out. Work the inner, side, front, back and buttocks. Exercises such as the bicycle, leg lifts, leg slides, squeezing a stability ball and leg raises help slim the thighs. Reduce the amounts of carbohydrates and fats in your diet. If you notice that your thighs store fat, then any excess fat from food and drink will go straight to your thighs. Drink more water, eat more fruits and vegetables, drink skim milk, low fat dressings and fat free cream cheese and other cream based products. Begin a walking routine. Walking helps slim down the body overall and won't bulk up your leg muscles like jogging will.
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Aldford Originally Answered: Question on weight loss.?
First, I challenge that your focus on total body weight is the wrong measure of your health and fitness. If you are exercising and eating right already, you are probably neglecting to check your body fat percentage. As you do the right things, you replace fat with muscle tissue, which weighs significantly more than fat. As such, it's true that two people of the same height and weight may be significantly different in terms of health and fitness. How's your body fat percentage? Have your doctor or gym representative check it for you. If you are not exercising correctly or eating properly then you've identified your problem. The secret is acknowledging the true purpose of food as fuel rather than entertainment. Focus on protein, fats, and carbohydrates and learn about each of them. A little bit of research online will teach you a lot. Remember, don't diet; change your eating lifestyle. Doing so will change your life for the better. For the exercise, consider it a priority to include it into your routine. Anyway, if you want it simple, here it is in ten steps: 1. protein is good...eat plenty (about 30% of your caloric intake) 2. fats are good and bad...know the difference 3. saturated and trans fats are the bad ones - limit these 4. poly- and mono-unsaturated fats are good - don't be afraid of them 5. carbohydrates are good and bad...know the difference 6. fibers and complex carbs are the good ones - eat these (about 40% of your caloric intake) 7. sugars and simple carbs are the bad ones - limit these, particularly late in the day (stay away from sodas and chips!) 8. drink water - lots and lots and lots of water. It's the only drink you need. Anything else is either wasted or simply bad for you 9. Eat 4-6 "meals" a day to boost your metabolism. 10. A meal is defined as a portion of a low-fat, protein rich entree, a portion of veggies for vits/mins, and a portion of complex carbs. (You can get these combined as a health shake) For exercise, it's even simpler: 1. 4-6 hours per week 2. 45-90 min each day you exercise 3. do aerobic exercise (20-40 min) every day you exercise 4. work abdominals every day you exercise (between sets makes it easy) 5. do chest and triceps exercises on one day 6. do back and biceps exercises on a different day 7. do legs and shoulder exercises on a different day 8. do your exercises in sets (i.e. 3 times with 6-12 repetitions each) 9. keep a record of what you do to measure progress. 10. when your progress stalls (called "plateau"), switch up your routine.

Sylva Sylva
Find the right diet for your individual body because there are many ways are there to lose weight just find what works for you
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Rebecka Rebecka
open ur legs wide and squat down while holdin on to a chair in front of you this is a workout that stripers do 1000 times a day. good luck hope i helped
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Merry Merry
Snap a photo of yourself once a week to know progress that will also increase your confidence level
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Letitia Letitia
invest in a standing desk like the ergotron workfit s 379 ergotron com or get crafty and raise your monitor and keyboard with books
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Joy Joy
Don't worry about your boobs most guys don't care anyway. Their interested in the other part. If you want a tight butt and thighs, try the wu tea diet. it will get the excess weight off you. Pushups and other chest exercises will put mass and muscle on your boobs, thats what you want anyway.
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Joy Originally Answered: weight loss question!?
I have been through it all and know what's it about. The main thing is to stick in there. You can't be an addict to food and never exercise if you want to live a healthy life and keep the weight off. I've worked out, done every diet, and all types of classes. Nothing works, besides dedication and intelligence towards the subject of losing weight. First, depending on how much weight you need to lose, your diet is the first concern. You can't eat 10,000 calories a day and expect the weight to come off, even if you are exercising a lot. Which brings us to the next thing. Duh, Exercising... This is a must especially if you need to a lot of weight. Get at least 30 mins of some good hardcore exercising. Do some cardio, in the long run, it's good for the heart. However, I find the most hardest part of losing weight/keeping it off, in my diet. It's so hard to keep your fingers out of the cookie jar or those chocolate goodies. I've found a great addition to help any one out, it's a natural weight loss supplement called Proactol. Now don't get all crazy on me and say diet pills don't work. That is true, but not in this case. This one isn't meant to burn pounds while you sit on the couch. It's an appetite suppressant, along with being a fat binder. I saved money on the pills at theweightlossplace .com along with getting some good info. It basically makes those fingers not go towards the cookie jar. For me it's the best pill I've tried and I've tried cupboards full. Now this doesn't mean you have to follow my foot steps but I've successfully lost roughly 70 pounds and keeping it off til this day. Well good luck and remember what I said, Dedicate.

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