what are the best ways to burn belly fat?

what are the best ways to burn belly fat? Topic: what are the best ways to burn belly fat?
October 15, 2019 / By Bryon
Question: i have a flat stomach but my abs dont show that much. how do i gain a defined stomach that shows a six pack really good?
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Best Answers: what are the best ways to burn belly fat?

Alby Alby | 8 days ago
As a personal trainer, one of the most common questions I’m asked is “how do I lose stomach fat?” Well to put it as simple as possible, you can’t. No matter how may crunches you do, or leg raiser, you will not be able to target the fat in your abdominal region. The reason being, you can NOT localize fat removal. Doing sit ups and crunches only work the abdominal muscles and have absolutely no effect on the fat burned in that area. When your body burns fat, it uses fat stores from where it can find fat. Your body does not know that it should be concerned with your love handles. The fat on your body is distributed differently on each of use. For many males, the majority (or most noticeable) is the fat on the stomach areas. When you lose fat, your body will do so in it’s own natural “balance.” The best way to lose that ugly fat is through diet. Once your diet is in tune, you will slowly se the fat melt away. There is no hidden secret, magic pill, or piece of equipment that will quickly remove any fat. You have to work for it, and depending on your genetics, it may take awhile. However, If there is one standard that most of the world uses to determine whether a persons body is in good shape it is a well defined set of abdominal muscles. The "ab" muscles are a visual symbol of a person that takes care of their muscles and, by association, their body as a whole. Although the later is not necessarily true, a good set of abs is a desired physical attribute for most to aspire to. Which muscle groups to work Building your abs is an exercise in personal discipline. Building each of the main ab muscles takes a concentrated effort. From a lay persons point of view there are three main abdominal muscle groups: the upper, the lower and the oblique's. The upper ab muscles are often referred to as a "beer belly", the lower abs as a "pooch" and the oblique's as "love handles". As the exercises that help strengthen these muscle groups are discussed, it should be pointed out that none of the exercises reduces fat levels. That is left to a proper diet and other exercises. For a total fitness plan, you may want to speak with your doctor. Start with a pain free stretch Personal discipline is one thing but stopping before you begin, because of a pulled muscle, is another. Begin you ab routine with a nice even stretching of your core body. Relax and roll any muscle you have between your upper neck and your waist. This might best be described as keeping your feet planted shoulder width apart, bending your knees slightly and making a 360 degree circle with your upper body(waist up.) As you do this you will feel muscle groups pulling as you stretch them. DO THIS SLOWLY and you will quickly find the ab groups you will soon be working. Proper position and isolation In performing each of the following exercises, proper positioning is important for getting the maximum effect out of each movement. The one position you will need in each exercise is bent knees. This angle, in reference to the floor, will generally be 90 degrees unless otherwise stated. What this does is isolate the abs and prevent your legs from helping the abs in the exercise. The next important tip is to not overextend your range of motion. The common perception for most of these exercises is to cover the full range of motion from the starting point of the exercise to the end. You will only need to cover about 30 percent of that range for the best isolation of the abs. Strangely enough, you will find this lesser motion more difficult. The true ab exercise The ab exercise that is truly the basis of getting toned ab muscles is the basic "sit-up". People may call it a "crunch" or something else but the exercise that will get you the abs you want is a basic sit-up. It is how you do the sit-up that counts. Most people do them incorrectly. Perform a "crunch" by: * Laying on the floor and bending your knees to a 90 degree angle with the floor. Heels on the floor with feet at a 45 degree angle to the floor. Interlace your fingers behind your head. * Relax your arms and neck. * Smoothly raise your upper body to a 30 degree angle while bringing your knees to your chest. Return to the starting position slowly and smoothly, repeat. * Keep your arms and legs relaxed and move in a smooth motion for best results. Working up to a Side Bridge To be ready for the "side bridge" ab exercise you may need to work your biceps’ and your shoulders. For these exercises simply fill two or more 1 gallon jugs with water and begin curling them for 15 repetitions, this equals one set. Repeat and ad weight (more water or jugs.) For your shoulder use the same jugs and lift, with a slightly bent elbow, to the side. To perform the bridge: * Lay on your side with straight legs one on top of the other. Place your hand just under your body at shoulder. Press down on your hand and raise your body up until the arm is almost locked (don’t let it lock.) Tracey:) http://w
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Alby Originally Answered: What are the most effective ways to burn belly fat?
To burn your belly, first do crunches and torso exercises that will tone your abdominal muscles and will help to make your waist slimmer. Second, pay attention to what you eat. By increasing your intake of fiber and complex carbohydrates while avoiding sugars and simple carbohydrates, you can improve your diet significantly and boost your weight and fat loss. Lastly, select some natural herbal supplements to help you lose weight. I would suggest that you use Fat Loss 4 Idiots guide because it really works. You’ll have slimmer and healthier body in no time. http://www.iwanttoloseweightquick.com/article1.html
Alby Originally Answered: What are the most effective ways to burn belly fat?
For starters, the number one diet tip is- Eat less, Exercise more. Just increase the amount of physical activity you are doing, and try to eat 6 small meals a day. Eating 3 times a day in greater proportions will give you slower results. For the belly- any kind of abdominal workout is going to help. Crunches, sit-ups, leg lifts, bicycle kicks (it will also work your glutes). You can try hanging from something and raise your knees to your chest and then do it side to side to work on those love handles. Results may be slow, but, they are true results that are healthier than losing it really fast just so it can come back again.

Sydney Sydney
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Rebeccah Rebeccah
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Rebeccah Originally Answered: What are good ways to burn off fat?
everyone's stumach rolls when they sit.Just don't slouch!So,if your upset with your stumach here are some tips: Do the plank excersize. The plank excersize helps tone your abs and it will shrink that fat!But,it will hurt!!If you can do the plank for atleast one minute,you are capable of losing that fat there!Don't know how to do the plank?Well,first,go on the ground.Second,lay your fore arms on the ground.Don't stick your glutes in the air (if you do,that will burn no fat).Then,keep your back strait and just keep that position for as long as you can hold. Also,A yoga excersize called the half moon pose will help your sides.All you do is keep your arms strait and above your head.Clap your hands together.Then,Bend on each side for 30 seconds and breath SLOWLY!!if you breath fast you will heasitate and your side will hurt! Need a higher matabolizm?okay,all you do is stand but make sure you dont move at all whatsoever.Then,focus on your stumach and breath very slowley.once you breath in,hold it for 2 seconds but dont screw up! hope this helps!!Good luck!!

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