Parents- what are your thoughts on getting your child's tonsils removed at birth?

Parents- what are your thoughts on getting your child's tonsils removed at birth? Topic: Parents- what are your thoughts on getting your child's tonsils removed at birth?
June 17, 2019 / By Bryant
Question: I asked this question before but i only got one answer If your child was born perfectly normal, would you get their tonsils removed? The most obvious answer tot this question would be of course not. Then why are so many kids circumcised. Their is not medical need for the circumcision. Just like tonsils, the foreskin is considered a useless part of the body so people just cut it off. So would you get your child's tonsils removed at birth? Would you circumcise your son? Also their is no proof behind the whole "it's a lot cleaner" thing so i don't want to hear that. @Damilola A-However getting circumcised doesn't help you have sex or anything so you can easily take that off. What does that mean? Sorry but i don't understand what you mean by that? Are you agreeing or disagreeing with me? I am not one of those crazy people that think circumcision is horrible. I just wanted to make a point. I just passed the bar exam(a test to become a lawyer) and wanted to see how good i was in making an argument that most people would disagree with. Thank you to everyone who is answered. God bless.
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Albin Albin | 7 days ago
I wouldn't remove the tonsils unless there was a more compelling reason. It is kind of like the foreskin in reverse. Tonsils assist with the immune system while the foreskin increases disease and infection risk. "Then why are so many kids circumcised." All types of reasons. Cleaner, no ugly anteater, no need for bub to be put at increased risk of complication by needing it done later with a general anaesthetic or to be traumatised as a shy teenager by needing to get it done and knowing everyone is looking at their junk, better sex psychologically for women and physically for men, family traditiion, religious obligation, and protection against disease are some of the advantages that trigger it. "Their is not medical need for the circumcision." The foremost authority I have found on the topic describes it as a "biomedical imperative". Now sure it is no big deal in a largely vaccinated and circumcised society if someone isn't. They will probably be fine but like vaccination it offers protection against disease and unlike vaccination it is a one off before the kid will remember anything and stays for life. Unlike vaccination it will also later improve sexual pleasure for the recipient and look better afterward.
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Sydne Sydne
removing a healthy organ would be a violation of the medical oath - do no harm. No doctor would do it unnecessarily.
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Rebecca Rebecca
I agree with you. I didn't know until just recently that babies are circumcised with no anaesthetic. Barbaric!
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Merrill Merrill
No. I don't have to see tonsils but changing diapers I had to look at that thing. No anteaters in my family. Yuck
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Lesly Lesly
If my baby was healthy, no I would not have their tonsils removed. The tonsils play an important role in the immune system. I had my tonsils taking out at a very young age for the belief it would cure a certain illness I had. At that time doctors believed it would help. Now I have grown up with a weakened immune system without my original illness ever being cured. So my answer is a definite no.
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Josie Josie
Know the asteroid wellhead tonsil stones them for many years and it's been title not eventually. Best decision I've ever made! I was shocked by the way of getting out the stones out. It was so easy, but more importantly, painless. I really liked the little trick he had for preventing gag reflex. He have one happy customer here. Cure Tonsil Stones Permanently?
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