Anybody get results from the special K diet?

Anybody get results from the special K diet? Topic: Anybody get results from the special K diet?
October 20, 2019 / By Brooks
Question: So I'm getting a little desprate to try new things to lose weight. Obviously all it takes is a lower-cal balanced diet and more exercise right? But I've been trying for litterally about 2 years to lose this weight. I've been going to the gym about 4 times a week (for 1 hour each time).. and i'm a pretty active person, yet I remain 80lbs overweight. I generally eat healthy foods (excpt when my boyfriend begs me to go to this one particular resteraunt where I swear does not offer 1 healthy option, unless I only get a glass of water lol).. Today I had 2 bowls of special K with 1% milk (proper serving sizes for everything) and I had a big salad for dinner which consisted of romane lettus, 1/2 of a cucumber, a handful of cheery tomatoes, and red onion with vinegar and 1tsp of extra virgin olive oil for dressing. I also took a multi vitamin. As of now I dont feel hungry at all however later on if I happen to get hungry I'll have a 4oz container of low-fat yogurt, or some fruit. I have a trip to Disney World coming up in about 30 days, and I want to try to stick with the diet until its time to go on the trip. Do you think that I'll see results? Have you (or someone you know) gotten results from the special K diet? I have had my thyroid checked and all my other blood levels at my last physcal (a few months ago) everything was perfect. Blood sugar levels, everything was fine. The only thing my doctor suggested was the obvious (decrease calories and increase activity), She also suggested going to see a nutritionist but I have no health insurance and can not afford to go see one. So for the time being (just to drop the first 10lbs and get out of this rut!) I'm looking for something new to try out.
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Al Al | 1 day ago
The special K diet really does work, you just have to follow the serving size portions. This is what I do: BREAKFAST: 1 bowl of Special K with fresh strawberries and Bananas & 1 cup of coffee LUNCH: 1 chicken breast grilled on the George Foreman with 1 serving of canned spinach or canned corn DINNER: 1 bowl of Special K If I get hungry in between meals I snack on green grapes or mini rice cake chips. It is also important for you to drink tons of water, and avoid sugar at all costs!!!! That means no soft drinks of any kind (even diet) and no candy. You should see result in 2 weeks like the box indicates, even earlier if you work out.
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Al Originally Answered: I'm a man who eats Special K to lose weight. Does the Special K diet works for men as well is for women?
Go for Special K Red Berries.It has fewer grams of sugar then the others and not to mention it's delicious.I eat it daily and go for a 30 minute jog every night and I've lost over 25 lb's over the last 2 months. Just watch what you eat - try and go for less sugar.Sugar is the enemy when dieting - not fat. Hope this helps!

Suzie Suzie
forget special K that stuff is garbage there is nothing miraculous at all about that cereal it is just low calorie per serving. in reality special K has a GI of 70 while jelly beans have a GI of 78. heavily processed cereals are not healthy despite what the manufactures of them may claim. only all natural foods are truly healthy. whole oatmeal with fruit would be healthy. do some research on the GI diet. controlling insulin is the key to reducing body fat. there is a lot more to weight loss than cals in vs. cals out.
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Raylene Raylene
The method for dropping those undesirable pounds is just not problematic - eat less and endeavor extra in general - the difficulties surface when we really try to put that into operation! There are a lot of opportunities to fail out there don't seem to be there?! I uncovered some top notch support by using following the web useful resource in the field under, they have got a whole lot of recommendations, I shed 6 kilos through doing as they informed.
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Merit Merit
I don't condone the Special K diet. It doesn't give you the nutrients that you need to be healthy. Chances are, you will lose some weight (def. not 80 pounds) and then gain it all back and then some when you resume normal eating habits. Diet, exercise and patience are all I can tell you. I'm sorry :-(
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Leontyne Leontyne
The special K diet is not a balanced diet. If you are having such a hard time losing weight have you had your thyroid checked out? That and make your workouts can be tweaked so you could get better results
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Leontyne Originally Answered: special k diet? to lose weight? (10 points best answer. help?)?
Spammers don't care if you report them..they just create new accounts. As for your plan, you need to make sure you consume plenty of lean protein, fruits and veggies, brown carbs, healthy fats, and lots of water. Do not allow your calories to drop below 1200/day. Hungry or not, THAT is part of what it takes to be healthy and to lose weight in a healthy manner and keep it off. Learn to eat right. If you don't eat much, then chances are you aren't overweight anyway so why are you trying to lose? Skinny isn't pretty. Next, at least 1 hr of exercise at least 5 days a week. Running is fine, but excessive cardio can cause breakdown of muscle tissue instead of only burning fat. Make sure you get some strength training in there also, to build muscle and speed your metabolism. All kinds of people post here. Some with healthy plans they want to start and some with gimmicks or unhealthy plans. No matter what excuses a person gives or what they want to try, many of us won't encourage an unhealthy plan or accept excuses. Do it right...I'm not going to risk my karma by giving someone bad advice or encouraging unhealthy practices. If you don't actually need to lose weight, then don't. You need to learn what your ideal weight range is. See the source link for that info (a calculator) Good luck!

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