Has anybody ever heard about "XANGO" juice?

Has anybody ever heard about "XANGO" juice? Topic: Has anybody ever heard about "XANGO" juice?
June 27, 2019 / By Broderick
Question: This is something that my friend introduce to me today, he wants me to try this product. It cures all kind of dieseases. I doubt it. More importantly, he gets the commission if i buy the product. I dont think i should take risk and try something without any idea what is that. Please advice. Thanks
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Aillard Aillard | 7 days ago
I personally have been taking Xango juice for over 1 1/2 yrs... a fellow co-worker introduced it to me; I do not sell it. I really do like the product; it has helped me with my general health. There are those out there that stresses "cures"... but I really believe it is an overall health drink that is beneficial to the human system. I no longer suffer from constipation, which concerned me b-c my father had colon cancer (from 18 yrs ago and is a survivor). All I can say is that my bodily 'fluids' are 'flowing' much better, (men. cycle, bladder & colon) which I notice is not as good if I miss a few days until I get another bottle. I only take 1 onuce a day; some advocate more, but that is all I can afford. Tastes like a grape-cranberry juice... it is effective... along with healthy eating, drink plenty of water & excerise... don't expect any ONE thing to be an answer/cure.
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Aillard Originally Answered: Xango? Mangosteen juice? Anyone heard of it?
My step son sells Xango,Mangosteen, and he can tell you more about it. He can show you where you can find more information if you want. email me [email protected] I have taken it, but I have not taken it long enough to find out if it has done any good. But I do know of somebody that hurt his back in a motor cycle accident, and could not pick up his children, and play with them, he started drinking Xango, he is now he is able to do those things again.

Suzan Suzan
Xango juice is good but don't expect it to do miracles. All of those juices and products out there are good but what the essentially do is replace things you were missing in your body and many construe that as being a miracle. If you feel your health could use a boost go ahead and try it as it is a good product. I do not personally use it but am familiar with a lot of those products due to the company I AM with.
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Raphaela Raphaela
No it is a health drink dont knock it till you try it that is all i can say i tried it as a last resort thinking the same way you did it heals so much i didn't believe it even when i felt better so i stopped it and waited and my symptoms came back so i went back on it and again i was better, im convinced , don't advise people not to try it if you haven't its not fair to them Im a witness on xango it does wonders
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Meredith Meredith
what it is ....a costly juice,that said it does help a bit in getting started in a health kick...good luck
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Meredith Originally Answered: Xango Juice?
i'm sure it tastes good... there are some antioxidant benefits in xango, but the health claims they make are very very over rated... there are no research studies (if they have any they are not good double blind medical journal type studies) on xango juice... as the other girl said, it's a multi level marketing thing... this means it's super high priced so the people who sell it can make a big profit & so can every one in the downline... drink your orange juice, take your vitamins & save some cash. it's just the latest fad in the health food craze... a year from now it will be something else.

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