How much calories do I need to eat everyday to get thinner from the stomach?

How much calories do I need to eat everyday to get thinner from the stomach? Topic: How much calories do I need to eat everyday to get thinner from the stomach?
October 23, 2019 / By Bret
Question: I'm 4'11 , 16, I'm not fat at all. I have a flat stomach but I want to get abs and I know I have some body fat. About how much calories a day do I eat to see results? ( I play soccer if that matters)
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Aherin Aherin | 9 days ago
Lift weights. It's hard for the body to maintain a low body fat if there's nothing to cut down to. You can't afford to cut calories down too low if you're participating in sports. Best to focus on building up the muscles for a while and then work on a calorie reduction during off season. Anyone who tells you that exercise alone determines whether or not you have visible abs is lying. All muscle "definition" is determined by the amount of fat on your body. Whether or not your rectus abdominis will have 6 discernible groupings is determined by genetics, and the size of this muscle is determined by work, but seeing it is a result of low body fat. Using more energy than you consume.
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Aherin Originally Answered: How many pounds do I lose if I lose 500 calories everyday with a diet of 1200 calories?
Is that your BMR or is that your daily calorie requirement? If you work out 6-7 times per week, and that is your BMR, then your daily calorie requirement to maintain your current weight would be approximately 1931 x 1.725, which is about 3300 calories. It's unlikely that 1931 is your daily calorie requirement, unless you are a VERY tiny person, because, on the average, even a sedantary person of average size would require about 2,000 calories per day to maintain their weight. Thus, I'm going to assume your daily calorie requirement is actually well over 3,000 calories. So, when you say a diet of 1200 calories, I'm assuming you mean daily. In which case, that would actually be 2,000 shy of your body's daily calorie intake requirement (in order to MAINTAIN your weight). Thus, going that route, you should lose abou a pound every other day, at that rate (which is pretty fast fat loss). As long as you're still getting between 70 and 100 grams of protein per day (on the average), and you continue exercising, you shouldn't lose any muscle - only fat. However, exercising 6-7 times per week is really pretty extreme, unless it's very low intensity exercise. Your body generally needs recovery time if you're exercising with any significant intensity. If you are wanting to lose weight and build muscle in the most efficient manner possible, but you calories, but also make sure your exercising right. Doing fairly high intensity HIIT training and/or strenghth training 4-5 times per week would be your best bet to stimulate as much muscle growth as possible while providing plenty of recovery time so your body actually has TIME and energy to build muscle. You're cutting ALOT of calories, which is OK. Many people will say you'll put your body into starvation mode, but this is a myth. Decades of research into intermittent fasting and severe calorie restriction diets have proven that it will not generally affect your metabolism in a negative way. however, sticking to a diet of such severe calorie restriction can be REALLY tough. If you can do it, that's great. But, most people would "fall of the wagon" in a short time. Going with a less calorie restricted diet and being willing to wait a little longer for the weight loss is generally a better way to go. Just my 2 cents. OH, and, as far as the complex carbs go, it's a myth also. Complex carbs aren't any better for you than simple carbs, and, on a diet that is restricted in calories as yours is, it will matter very little which you eat. In truth, staying clear of carbs for the most part (with the exception of fruit and veggie carbs) would actually be your best bet. It does require more energy/time for your body to process complex carbs, but that doesn't make them better or worse for your body, or any more healthy for you. Just harder to digest.

Sunshine Sunshine
If u want abbs u have to weight train wad work out hard for them just eating less is not gonna do it u have to work for it For me abs were the hardest thing to accomplish but it is worth it in the long run u will be pleased if u keep with a workout for 3 months and u will start to see em come in
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Raelyn Raelyn
Who the hell knows? We don't know how good your metabolism is. We don't know how much energy you spend at soccer. Or cleaning your teeth. Or walking to school. The problem isn't how much, but what you eat. Cut out all sugars and starches. You won't have to count any calories and you'll lose weight (if you've got any to lose at all.)
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Mellony Mellony
u need to eat better foods an cut out processed an refined foods eat more natural stuff, more nuts, vegetables , some fruits, an leaner proteins an get active live from salmon, eggs, nuts, yams, rye bread, oatmeal, chicken, whey protein, salads, fruits
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Leesa Leesa
It's not what you eat or don't eat, it's how you exercise that you get the abs. You have to target those muscles to make the six pack show up.
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Leesa Originally Answered: how much calories should i eat everyday to lose weight?
You are already thin, and that weight is most likely muscle since you are a runner... do not eat less than 1500 calories a day... multiply your weight (120) by 13, and that is your recommended calorie intake... 1560.... that is the amount you need, and since you are a runner, that is good... just eat balanced meals in moderation, fruits and veggies and tons of water to boost metabolism... good luck ;)

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