Healthy weight loss?

Healthy weight loss? Topic: Healthy weight loss?
May 25, 2019 / By Brendan
Question: Hi, I'm 13. 5' 3 and I weigh 140 pounds. I need to lose weight and I've been trying. No pills or weird crap. I want to be healthy. I'm big, but not obese. Anyways, can you answer my questions?? • Fun exercise? • Healthy foods? (Like really healthy) • Healthy snacks? • Motivation? THANKS!
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Affton Affton | 3 days ago
Fun exercise- fitness videos, sports, jump rope, jogging, cycling Healthy foods; whole grains, fresh vegetables/fruit, legumes, lentils, (nuts/nut butters/seeds; becareful though, they're calorie dense so have a small serving) other healthy fats (avocado, eggs, olives, cold water fish, chicken breasts, low cal salad dressings), lean protein, low fat, plain dairy. Healthy snacks: combine a complex carb (veggie, fruit, whole grain, legume/lentils) with a lean protein (like low fat, plain yogurt or cottage cheese) and a little bit of healthy fats (seeds, nuts, olive oil, avocado, eggs). Salads are great for including all 3. You'll love eating healthy. You'll feel great, have tons more energy, won't get sick often, improve your general health and combat diseases etc. So many benefits to a healthy and balanced diet.
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Affton Originally Answered: Does anybody have any quick, easy, healthy and tasty recipes conducive to weight loss and healthy living?
I have 27. How would I get them to you?Apple muffins. banana muffins. basic veggie soup. bran+date muffins. Brazilian chicken. Californian summer salad. carrot muffins. Chinese chicken. creamy basil and parsley kingklip(Fish). creamy mushroom and shrimp linguini. creamy stuffed potatoes. devil`s chocolate fudge brownies. fat free lasagne. fat free muffins. garden spinach soup. green pea soup. lightly curried rice salad. millionaire`s fish pie. mixed berry pavlova. pasta marinara prune muffins quick bread quick chicken stroganoff. sole with three-mustard and dill sauce. sour cream and chives dressing oil free. spiced carrot soup. tomato soup. All these recipes are non fattening Pick those you want and email the names with you email address and I will send them along in MS word form.Good luck.

Sue Sue
try a pasta less spaghetti by mixing shredded zucchini veggie meatballs and raw tomato sauce seasoned with a dash of zesty oregano
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Rachel Rachel
Consume honey before bed because consumption of honey may help to burn more fat during those early hours of sleep
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Melia Melia
You can start running the treadmill(which I do) and do what my mother calls cutting back(This is being smart about your diet. You eat what is needed and cut back on the snack time. Basically making smart chooses on what you consume)
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Leanne Leanne
Do you have experimented Garcinia Cambogia Bottle? Go to these : http://Home.HelpfulGarcinia.com . This should obviously helps your needs.
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Leanne Originally Answered: What to eat? Weight loss and healthy.?
I don;t have specific food item tips, however, I have the following information. Firstly you can lose as much weight as you want in a short time period, however, you will gain it back. I am speaking from experience from someone who has been there done that with fad diets. There is the obvious liposuction, however, the recovery time is 3 – 6 months and it sounds as though that you’re in a rush to lose the weight for possibly an event with no downtime to spare. I am and have been on weight watchers for 2 years and lost 25 lbs. It was a slow and steady race, however, I haven’t gained the weight back ‘cause my diet has been stabilized and so was the weight loss from 0.5 – 1 lb/week. Remember the weight gain didn’t happen overnight, it happened slowly over time, the same is with proper healthy weight loss, you can’t have/perform miracles over night. These are some things that I do. 1. Drink lots of water as it kept me full longer. 2. Used an appetite suppressant like hoodie to make sure I don’t go over my daily calorie intake. 3. Did cardio and toning 3 – 4 times a week. 4. Made meal and recipe modifications as I cooked. 5. When I dined out, I made sure that I wasn’t shy about asking the kitchen to make modifications like dressing/sauce on the side, half portion ordered the kids meal etc. 6. Brushing teeth after every meal, the mint acts like an appetite suppressant and without the taste in your mouth, you can easily forget about the food. 7. Never drank diet cola, the aspartame actually made me crave food more for some reason. 8. At work I take a break before lunch and either take the stairs in the building or just general toning without weights. We have a gym at work so I do about 15 minutes of weights which not only gets my blood flowing but releases tension from a**hole customers. 9. Bought snacks in bulk (to save money) and properly measured what a cup or portion was and made individual baggies. There are some snacks on the market that are 100 calorie snacks, however, I find those to be too expensive than just buying in bulk and separating the portions yourself. Also by physically separating them yourself, you get an idea of what a portion is supposed to be and you learn to properly eye ball correct portions.

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