12% body fat but no exercise, no diet?!?

12% body fat but no exercise, no diet?!? Topic: 12% body fat but no exercise, no diet?!?
October 20, 2019 / By Brayden
Question: I'm an 18 year old girl, height 173cm (5'8) and weight about 50-52kilos (110-115lbs). The weighing machine I use measures body fat percentage (albeit inaccurately) and it has always given me a reading of about 12%. I thought this was pretty normal but today I googled more and it seems that women with 12% body fat are either really ripped or emaciated. While I do have a relatively healthy diet of mostly home-cooked meals, I also pig out on chocolates, ice-cream, and other traditionally unhealthy food nearly everyday. I jog once a week and besides walking that is my only exercise. I am far from ripped and my arms are particularly weak. I have enough fat on my butt and thighs to gross the average person out. So why is it that my body fat percentage is 12%? The method my weighing machine uses, bioelectrical impedance analysis, is not very accurate but apparently they tend to give higher estimates... Which means that my body fat is below 12%?!?!
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Best Answers: 12% body fat but no exercise, no diet?!?

Aengus Aengus | 2 days ago
If you are particularly worried book an appointment with a trainer to get an slightly more accurate caliper test done. And if you don't wanna be 12%body fat see a nutritionist about a eating plan.
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Gynecomastia, or “man breasts”, is a common condition for the male population, with over 50% of all men being affected by it during some point in their lives. There are several causes for man breasts, the most common involving puberty. If you are between the ages of 13-18, it is normal for you to experience an increase in the chest area which may resemble woman’s breasts. When triggered by adolescence, this problem will correct itself within months in approximately 90% of all cases. However, there are some teens that will carry the burden of enlarged breasts well into adulthood. Other than puberty, there are many other causes of gynecomastia. These include steroid abuse, obesity, genetic disorders, side effects of prescription medications, and aging. Many doctors recommend surgery for gynecomastia, but getting the additional breast tissue removed medically isn’t the only way to cure man boobs. 1. Natural supplements such as gynexin or tribulus may be taken to help increase your levels of testosterone. This will inhibit the growth of breast tissue, returning your chest area to a normal state. These supplements should only be taken in moderation, and under the advice of your doctor. 2. Reduce estrogen. Avoid things that can encourage estrogen production in the body, such as marijuana and alcohol. The key is getting rid of man breasts is to have more testosterone present in the body than estrogen. Staying away from things that increase the female hormone will help you with your gynecomastia. 3. Lose Man Breasts Chest Work Out. Pectoral exercises can strengthen and firm the muscles in the chest. This will prevent them from sagging, and having the appearance of man breasts. Various incline presses can be performed to tighten and tone the chest muscles in order to rid the area of the extra tissue. Let us get into a chest work out that really whip you into shape! 2 key points are: 1. It is not a good idea to lift heavy weights more than 2 times a week because we have to let the muscles rest. 2. The weight amount has to be controlled as a power lifting workout will build a larger breasts for you than is necessary. The best strategy is to mix mass building exercises with isolation exercises and do this 2 times weekly. Do not hit only the middle of the chest, but hit the entire chest area during your exercises. This is because it may enhance your man breasts instead. The traditional supine bench press works the middle of the chest quite well, but if you do not work the upper and lower chest, you will not have a completely developed upper body. Also, if you do not perform isolation exercises, you will not develop the defined look you are seeking. Check out a sample two day workout: Mondays Incline Chest Dumbbell Press (6 - 8 reps/3 -5 sets) Cable Crossover Pulls (15 reps/3 sets) Supine Bench Press with Barbell (6 - 8 reps/3 - 5 sets) Supine Chest Flyes (15 reps/2 sets) Tuesdays Incline Chest Bench Press with Barbell (6 - 8 reps/3 - 5 sets) Cable Crossover Pulls (15 reps/3 sets) Incline Chest Flyes (15 reps/2 sets) Decline Chest Press with Dumbbells (6 - 8 reps/2 sets) Overhead Chest Extensions (15 reps/2 sets) This is a very basic chest work out that hits the entirety of the chest in an effective manner to get rid of man boobs or gynecomastia.

Stormy Stormy
I wouldn't trust those machines, they are notoriously inaccurate. Expensive equipment is needed to get a true reading of body fat percentage, i.e. DEXA scan. DEXA scan usually comes up a lot higher than other methods because it measures bone density as well as visceral fat. Most people are shocked at their true body fat percentage. And as you have discovered, 12% for a woman is totally ripped -- bodybuilder territory -- and takes years of training to achieve, or it's emaciated if muscle is lacking. So just take that number with a pinch of salt. The main thing, I would say, is your weight is a bit low for the height, so you might want to consider gaining muscle mass in order to increase your weight. This will require regular weight training 3-4 x week plus eating at a calorie surplus, i.e. take in more calories than your burn, especially protein (1g per 1lb of body weight). I'd recommend the book "The New Rules of Lifting for Women", by Lou Schuler. It is a comprehensive guide for women who want to transform their bodies through weight training and proper diet. Hope this helps.
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Racheal Racheal
Stop. You're pretending you should look like a KID, not a WOMAN, problem is, you ARE a WOMAN, so you'll have more body-fat. You are too skinny, now that doesn't have to be a problem, but stop pretending you're 'fat', because that drama, isn't healthy for you, and is very annoying for the people around you. Get real, and be honest, you're not a KID anymore, so you're bound to carry a little more body-fat, you'd be infertile, and A-sexual if you didn't. You're still overly skinny though, so stop 'pretending' because you KNOW this is drama, for drama's sake.
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Melba Melba
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Here is a fact .Broccoli has more protein per calorie than steak. Check out Eat to live by Dr Joel Fuhrman. This book gives you a complete understanding of What foods do to your body. This book tells why that diet works and what is wrong with it.I promise you will not be sorry for buying this book .It changed my life.www.drfuhrman.com

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