What NFL team should i become a fan of?

What NFL team should i become a fan of? Topic: What NFL team should i become a fan of?
June 19, 2019 / By Braidy
Question: i live in cincinnati but cant stand the bengals, mainly because Mike Brown cares about money and doesnt care about winning so neither do I. i want a team with a good owner who will do anything to win( i am a reds fan because of this) my brother lives near dallas, i know jerry jones wants to win, cowboys fan? i dont want to jump on a bandwagon with the packers, are there any bad teams but have good owners who are trying? panthers, jaguars, cardinal, seahawks? im a huge college football fan but sundays lack excitement since im not a bungals fan, What team should i start rooting for??? ive tried being a bengals fan and i dont care if my team goes 0-16 as long as the coach and owner are trying. mike brown refuses to hire a GM, stubborn much?
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Adison Adison | 5 days ago
Well if you live in Cincinnati and you can't stand the Bengals on the count of they suck, you might as well be a 49ers fan. Here's the reason -- just think back to the Bengals' only two Super Bowl appearances and remember what happened. You know what they say, "If you can't beat them, join them".
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Yes, yes we will. The Falcons will win the Super Bowl within the next five years. So let it be written, so let it be done! lol

Stephanie Stephanie
The Bengals are 3-2 and are currently ranked second in the division AHEAD of the Pittsburgh Steelers. In fact they would grab a wild card if the season ended today. Every team suffers from poor coaches or irresponsible players from time to time, but just stay with your team and stay strong through the storms. You have a promising quarterback in Andy Dalton, an excellent defense, and a future NFL star in AJ Green obviously your Mike Brown did something right. I say stick with the home team and don't go chasing after some other team because you're dissatisfied with the Bengal's past grievances. These are the most respectable fans. I'm a Green Bay fan (grew up in Wisconsin), but I always encourage fans to side with the local team.
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Quenby Quenby
jJump on the packers wagon. Theyre a young team with amazing players. Theyre only going to improve. Plus, they have the best quarterbackin the league. Shut up Brady fans.
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Meg Meg
I'd say stick with the bengals cause i like emm kinda. But if not then i would go with the Browns if i were you.
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