Which diet pills work the best? OTC?

Which diet pills work the best? OTC? Topic: Which diet pills work the best? OTC?
October 23, 2019 / By Braeden
Question: I currently take Alli. I am 5'1 and now weight about 113. I was recently 135 and my stomach is still like an inner tube around me (had a baby in 07 stomach won't go away). Don't criticize me, I want to be 100-105 lbs.. its my healthy weight. Alli works fine, but I want something to suppress my appetite, I can get in regular stores, with preferably no caffeine. Thanks. I dont need to hear the diet and exercise garb. I already do that, thanks.
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Adina Adina | 3 days ago
Well, none of those are good to take. They really mess up your health. What's the point of eating healthy and taking care of your body if you take stuff that will mess you up? Just make sure you are getting a good amount of fiber and protein throughout the day. Eat Fiberone cereal, Fiberone bread, lean protein like boneless skinless chicken, etc. Try doing that for a while instead of those pills... you don't have a whole lot to lose anyway, so give it a shot. Good luck! =] Edit: How could I possibly get a thumbs down for that? The reason why a lot of people stay hungry is because they don't get enough fiber and protein. Fiber and protein are what fill you up, plain and simple. It's cheap and won't effect your body negatively. Unlike pills...
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Adina Originally Answered: Diet pills that actually work?
What are you trying to do, look skinny and putting your health at risk? Then do diet pills. If you want to be healthy and look better then exercise and stop eating junk food.
Adina Originally Answered: Diet pills that actually work?
First off, don't waste your time and money. Diet pills fail the ultimate test of life: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. There is a massive obesity epidemic in this country. If any of those pills really did work, do you think they'd be selling them for tens of dollars a bottle? No, they'd go in the HUNDREDS or even THOUSANDS of dollars. Besides, a lot of those pills have some nasty stuff in them. Some (like Hydroxycut) are glorified caffeine pills. Others can contain cousins of substances banned by the FDA that will screw with your internal organs. Alli is one of the only ones that actually works as advertised, with some...adverse side effects if you screw up your diet. The best possible thing you can do to lose weight is diet and exercise. Not one or the other, BOTH. In a recent government study of people who lost a significant amount of weight AND KEPT IT OFF, 89% did it with a combination of diet and exercise. 10% did it with diet alone, and 1% with exercise alone. Just takes dedication and willpower.

Stephani Stephani
As you might have found out vitamin capsules don't paintings. Some damaging ones include synephrine in a single style or an additional - cautiously hidden underneath an blameless sounding component. The best FDA permitted one is Alli and you continue to ought to comply with a vitamin and undertaking plan for that to paintings!
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Queenie Queenie
i have taken lipo6x and it worked great lost 12 pounds in 2weeks and i wouldnt trust hydroxycut hardcore i heard bad things with heart complications... hopefully this helped good luck
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Queenie Originally Answered: Do diet pills work?
Phentermine diet such as Ionamin - Xenical - Meridia and LIPObind are just a few of the pill's I have used in the past. Now Ionamin worked the best at first -gave me at least 1st 1/2 weight loss in 4weeks. (great as I had a wedding to attend). But it also made me snappy and I had a dry mouth and couldn't sleep. I would sleep on and off every two hours a night, I'd wake up snappy and go to bed snappy! After I stopped taking them, the weight came back plus a few extra pounds. I tried them again and they never worked! Xenical was a waste of money as was Lipobind. I think I have done more damage to myself by taking the pills as I find it really hard now to lose just 2 stone. I have started to increase my walking. I do around 90mins a day.(just go to and from work). and I eat healthy meals, all cooked by me, so I know what goes in them, And yet I am still having trouble . I lose maybe 1-2lbs a week and then the following week I've put on 2-3lbs! Try and lose the weight naturally rather than by pills. You stand a better chance of keeping it off and not mucking up your body. Good luck I know how it feels!

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