Binging on healthy food?

Binging on healthy food? Topic: Binging on healthy food?
October 15, 2019 / By Brady
Question: I'm 4'11'' 95 pounds, and I just ate around 3500 calories. Today I binged on 1,200 grams of sweet potatoes, 5 celery sticks, 1 cup of cauliflowers, and an apple (all after dinner). My usual binge list is: -apples -oranges -persimmons -winter squashes -sweet potatoes -broccolis -carrots I know those stuff I binge on are "healthy" food, but even binging on healthy foods can be unhealthy... right?
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Adin Adin | 2 days ago
Bingeing on low calorie healthy foods containing plenty of fiber and roughage should be OK as you eliminate the excess without gaining weight but there is a possible problem that by overworking the digestive system you may perhaps be wearing yourself out and this may perhaps shorten your lifespan. Of course all that fiber and roughage hopefully is good for your colon health.
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Adin Originally Answered: binging and purging make you gain weight?
no you don't gain weight because your eating calories, but than throwing it back up. however, i believe that once the calories enter your mouth they are than soaked up by the bloodstream, and i think the food you throw up is just what was in your stomach. it's gross and disgusting, why would you even care about thid binging and purging? i hope your not interested in this..

Steph Steph
You can overdue anything, but "unhealthy" and "fattening" are two different things, and it sounds like you're mixing the two logically in your head. Losing (or gaining ) weight, is a simple matter of how many calories you take in, vs how many you burn up. "Healthy" or "unhealthy" foods is a different thing altogether. If what you're getting at, is the caloric makeup of those foods, being "healthy", well, you can eat too many calories of "healthy" foods too. What you need to do, is look up the calories of each of those foods you listed, and simply add them up. If it's more than what you should be taking in, then you gained weigth. P.S. 3500 calories = 1 pound of fat.
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Queena Queena
Ummm well eat 3500 calories isn't good. But i don't think the food you mention even is near that much calories. I don't know about thee sweet potatoes... but the celery, cauliflower and apple comes up to like 150 calories.
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Meagan Meagan
Gaining weight is different for everyone because we all expend calories at a different rate. However, vegetables are extremely low in calories. Things like iceberg lettuce and celery have a negligible amount of calories, while more nutritious vegetables are still quite low. For example, a cup of cherry tomatoes is 27 kcal and a half cup of asparagus is only 23kcals. Obviously it would be really hard for you to gain weight by eating vegetables that are low in calories. Be sure to check what you're going to eat first, however. Things like peas are high in calories, relatively speaking.
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Lavender Lavender
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Lavender Originally Answered: When healthy food is cheaper than junk food, why don't people choose to eat healthy? Healthy food is cheaper--
Actually, to whomever believes frozen vegetables are less healthy than fresh, that's not really so. In fact, farmers typically sell their absolute best and ripest to the frozen food companies so it will be at its peak when frozen. Freezing doesn't really compromise the nutrients as much as it stops the decay process. Fresh produce, on the other hand, is only good if it was grown locally. If you have to ship it far, it has to be picked that much sooner and it has to sit decaying that much longer. To answer the question, I DON'T KNOW! It seems ridiculous that people would eat crap and then complain about how they feel. The calories in a bag of Cheetos might be cheaper than those in an apple, but you'll pay dearly for those calories in the long run.

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