how does an average american celebrate a super bowl?

how does an average american celebrate a super bowl? Topic: how does an average american celebrate a super bowl?
October 15, 2019 / By Bradford
Question: hi there. i live in México and i'd just like to know what americans do in a super bowl. thanx ya'll in advance! :)
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Aden Aden | 10 days ago
We eat, drink root for a team (if we care), root for team (if we bet on them), root for a team (so we can have a winning square on the super bowl squares office sheet) and we talk smack if our team is in it. There's a lot of loud talking, high fives and curses - except during commercials because that's the REAL entertainment Then we all get pissed off because we realize we have to go to work tomorrow!
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Steffie Steffie
Football is not only a national obsession, it's like a religion to a lot of Americans. Not me, and not all Americans like it. But some of eat Mexican food at a Super Bowl party. People get together watch it on TV, and eat, and drink. For Rachael Ray's Super Bowl Chicken Tortilla Stew recipe see below.
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Quanna Quanna
It has ballooned into an unofficial holiday. Most people will take off of work (if they work on that day). Will take the next day off, because of the Superbowl (not this year though, because of the economy). I worked 1 place that offered time and half to try and entice people to come in the next day. Most people will be surrounded with a lot of food, friends, family, and beer. For 10 years straight I always went to a Superbowl party and the after party on that day. Now I just stay home with wifey. More food and beer for me. Hopefully, I will get a little more.
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Meade Meade
Unless your favorite or home team is in it, the Superbowl is more about the party. I love it because I go to my parents, see all kinds of friends and family, and eat great food. The productions before, during and after are great as well as the commercials. As a matter of fact, the Monday after the Superbowl is the day most Americans called out of work.
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Lauryn Lauryn
Usually I only care about the Super Bowl if the Steelers are in it....but sometimes I watch it. Nothing to special as far as traditions go. The first Super Bowl I can remember is Super Bowl XXX (Steelers vs. Cowboys). I was like 12 and I can remember the whole game (damn Cowboys!)
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Jobeth Jobeth
Ummm, invite friends over...make a whole bunch of food....drink beer.....scream at the TV.....a whole bunch of things but it tends to be more fun if your home team is playing. This is coming from a lady by the way, so guys if I have it wrong please correct me lol.
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Gabriela Gabriela
Yes we DO DRINK TEQUILA for the superbowl. That's not a joke either!!! Yes we do. Food, friends, and sometimes fireworks (where you can get away with them).
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