Does anyone know what gojigato mean in spanish? I know gato is cat, but never heard of goji.?

Does anyone know what gojigato mean in spanish? I know gato is cat, but never heard of goji.? Topic: Does anyone know what gojigato mean in spanish? I know gato is cat, but never heard of goji.?
October 23, 2019 / By Bradburn
Question: Yes i have looked up goji in a spanish dictionary and online. no luck there. Yes it was one word GOJIGATO. Please only serious replies to this question.
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Best Answers: Does anyone know what gojigato mean in spanish? I know gato is cat, but never heard of goji.?

Addam Addam | 8 days ago
Wow dude depends, are they talking about Goji Gato, which kinda means you f&^%&ed a cat? Goji means usually in slang having intercourse
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Stef Stef
I agree gato means cat. As for the goji part maybe it's someones nik. But I as a hispanic don't reconize it as a whole word.
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Qiana Qiana
Goji isn't a spanish word. If you look it up in a spanish dictionary [like I have done], you will find nothing.
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Mckenzie Mckenzie
Cerveza, bud. It's all in the end. Don't you agree? I do. been down too long ..
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