how long should you wait after excersizing?

how long should you wait after excersizing? Topic: how long should you wait after excersizing?
October 20, 2019 / By Booker
Question: how long should i wait to eat or drink anything after a 2mile jog @ 5mph i eat a whole lot after i excersize because of cravings but i dont know when i can start eating...because if i eat immediately after i digest more food then i burned off.. a whole lot more can i drink water right after because they say it hydrates you?. can i have like tea w/milk and sugar right after? i eat some carbs and drink some oj 30 to 1 hour before i excersize so i feel less tired while jogging
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Adaliah Adaliah | 6 days ago
You should be drinking water anytime before, during and after exercising because you have to replenish the water lost through sweating. There is no rule against drinking water, in fact the more you drink, the better you will feel. In terms of food, you can eat light food like fruits as early as 15 to 30min after exercising. This is in fact encouraged because during exercise, you boosted your metabolism, and eating right after exercising will help maintain that high metabolism, helps you burn more calories. Digesting food takes energy too, you know. But keep it light, otherwise you'd have wasted the work-out. Avoid simple sugars like cakes or sugary foods right after exercising. Good luck!
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Starla Starla
Drink as soon as your done with your run. Make sure its only water. Try to wait at least 30 min. to eat. The longer you wait the more likely your cravings will go away.
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Prunella Prunella
Actually, after you exercise, your metabolism is at its highest, so its a good time to eat because it burns right up. Waters good, just don't drink or eat too fast, you could get a cramp.
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Mckayla Mckayla
shrink out the caesar dressing and pasta. attempt some healthful end result and greens or low cal snacks. consume so plenty greater protein. forget approximately taebo and cycling. only hit the treadmill and jog as much as you may till you're able to do greater each time. whether that's a pair minutes greater each time, you will burn the main energy walking. What you consume shouldn't flavor dazzling and you will see that giving up specific meals is 0.5 the conflict. looking on your weight, you will possibly desire to lose greater desirable than a pound in each and every week. in case you prefer to lose it rapid, you will possibly desire to have extreme intensity workouts.
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Laurie Laurie
you can drink water but dont drink a lot of it, drink it slowly then you can begin to eat after half an hour, but eat slowly or you will get a stomach ache.
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