What kinds of alcohol make you gain weight?

What kinds of alcohol make you gain weight? Topic: What kinds of alcohol make you gain weight?
October 20, 2019 / By Bobby
Question: If you mix vodka and wine together, will it make you gain weight fast? does anyone know how many calories are in Franzia wine?
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Best Answers: What kinds of alcohol make you gain weight?

Acton Acton | 4 days ago
Ok dont listen to that girl up there that says alcohol acts as fat in your cells. Alcohol, like any other food/drink has calories. The only thing that w/ make you gain weight is if you dont burn off those calories somehow. SO that being said, beer/wine has more calories than straight up vodka or any other type of liquor since it has more fillers in it, and regular liquor is just concentrated alchol(what you want). So if you want to get drunk and not worry about getting bloated AND sparing some calories, just drink straight up liquor and skip the wine/beer.
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Acton Originally Answered: what kinds of meds cause weight gain?
Literally all medications can cause fluctuation in weight gain. I take paxcil, which is an anti depressant. I gained weight, and my eating habits changed. You get use to it after awhile, it's probably because you just started taking them recently. No worries. Consult your doctor, if you have any problems.
Acton Originally Answered: what kinds of meds cause weight gain?
on account that my holiday to the wellness midsection with the Influenza and a prognosis of Emphysema I even have gained 30 kilos. i purely won't be able to shed weight by using fact i'm getting so in need of breath. i too won't be able to flow to the mail container around the line while not having winded. I even have on no account been obese previously and it particularly is bugging me all of this added weight.Is the symbicort and ventolin to blame indirectly for the load benefit

Stacy Stacy
Don't mix vodka and wine together. If you want to gain weight, mix vodka with some of these sugary mixers like Mr & Mrs T's or DeKuypers Puckers. One ounce of a typical vodka is average 70 calories. The same for your mixer of choice. So, do the math. If you have a 4oz drink, you are typically taking in about 280 calories. If you have a 4oz glass of wine? White wine, 80 to 90 calories. Red wine, 100 to 120 calories. If you have a 12oz can of beer? You're looking at roughly 120 to 140 calories. Lond Islands Iced teas have about 2 oz of everything (vodka, gin, whiskey, tequila, triple sec) in it, that's why they have so many calories.
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Prudence Prudence
Any type of alcohol will give you a beer gut. Alcohol, on the metablolic level, behaves as a fat in your cells. Edit: I had to write a paper on this very subject when I was in college. A research study was done that indicated this very thing. I couldn't find anything online about it. The research was done long before the internet was around.
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Prudence Originally Answered: Do drugs that make you high make you gain or lose weight?
No girl, hell no. Stop her from eating pills and drugs that make her high (thinking it helps her lose weight). Stop her before you regret it. Weight loss is about exercising regularly and controlling your diet, cutting on junk food. There is no way around it, do not attempt to eat pills. Tell about her to someone, a teacher maybe to give advice if you're afraid her parents will send her off, a close trusted friend or something.

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