What are the so-called 'myths and legends' for growing hair?

What are the so-called 'myths and legends' for growing hair? Topic: What are the so-called 'myths and legends' for growing hair?
October 15, 2019 / By Bob
Question: My friends were talking to me about how to make your hair grow and she told me that by eating certainf ruits or foods and taking lots of vitamins it helps it grow. Is this just a myth or what? Whether it is or isn't, can someone tell me some more 'myths and legends' about growing hair? Thanks.
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Ackley Ackley | 2 days ago
not myth or legends but techniques. ;) Nuts are great source of protein and vitamins such as biotin, msm, evening primrose oil, and many other herbs are great for hair growth. India, well known for long haired people use herbs and oils for their hair growth as well as scalp massage. Don't worry you don't have to drink bat blood and dance naked around a fire. LOL j/k! It just takes patience and great hair routine. I oil my hair, condition, shampoo, and then condition/oil the length. ;)
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Ackley Originally Answered: Birth control.are these true or myths?
1.Birth control makes you gain weight -Hormonal methods have been known to cause weight gain. This is mostly prevailent in methods that have a longer trip to make to the uterus. The pill, the shot, and the patch are those that have the highest possibility of weight gain. Nuvaring, and the hormonal IUD (mirena) have a slightly less possiblity. However, if you don't want to gain weight, the copper IUD is a good choice. There are new studies out, however, that suggest that birth control does not contribute to weight gain, and is being confused with natural weight loss, weight gain occuring in women. I know when I was on the shot I gained a few pounds. Keep in mind that just as many people lose weight while on birth control. 2.Birth control just increased your appetite Not at all, the weight gain if it occurs is likely caused by the slowing of your metabolism, not an increase in your appetite. 3.Birth control makes you breasts grow an entire cup size Different for all women, usually the increase in breast size is due to weight gain. I wouldn't count on an entire cup size. The combination pill is the most likely to cause an increase in cup size. 4.Birth control clears up acne Yes, some birth control pills help control acne. These only work if your acne is caused by a hormonal inbalance, pills help to balance out your hormones. However, don't get on birth control to control acne, until you have exhausted all of your resources, (differin gel is my fav) 5.Birth control causes acne Pretty much any birth control method except those that are ment for the control of acne can cause acne. The higher the dose, the more of a chance it will occur. When I was on the shot I had horrible acne. This is caused by the huge spike in hormones ever 3 months. 6.Birth control tricks your body into thinking its pregnant Untrue. This is how birth control works. Mostly is prevents ovulation, which means no egg for the sperm to find. If ovulation does happen to occur (rarely), then there is a back up plan. Hormonal methods also cause a change in the vaginal secretions, and helps prevent the sperm from reaching the egg. If both ovulation and the sperm reach the egg occur, then there is a backup backup plan. Hormonal methods keep the lining of the Uterus thin, which prevents implantation and if there is no implantation, there is no baby. 7. pregnancy tests come out positive while on it No pregnacy tests look at a womens hCg levels, which is produced when a women is pregnant. Birth control does not contain this hormone, so would not cause a false positive. 8.You won't be able to fit into any of your old clothes This is untrue. Most weight gain (if it even occurs!) is about 5-10 lbs. Hardly enought to warrent throwing out your wardrobe. 9. It reduces PMS depends, the pill helps reduce PMS by controlling hormone fluctuations caused by the body's natural cycle. Higher doses, such as those from the shot and patch may increase PMS. 10. shorter periods This also depends. Usually the pill will reduce periods by keeping the uterus wall thin. however, some hormonal methods, the shot and patch, may cause spotting in between periods, almost to the point of an extended period (that is what happened to me) Sometimes, however, birthcontrol can completely stop periods, the hormonal IUD and the shot has been known to completely stop periods, and Seasonel is a pill that does not contain placebo pills that allow the period to occur in most birth control pills except every 3 months, which will cut the occurance of your period down to 4 times a year. Finally, the copper IUD can cause extended periods (I have one now, and it does) I hope my knowledge on the subject helped.
Ackley Originally Answered: Birth control.are these true or myths?
Ok...I'll answer these questions according to my experience (I'm 32 and have been on the Pill since I was 18.) 1.Birth control makes you gain weight-- I gained 5 lbs. 2.Birth control just increased your appetite-- not for me. 3.Birth control makes you breasts grow an entire cup size-- my breasts did grow, but I'm not sure if i can attribute it completely to the pill.....went from a C to a D. 4.Birth control clears up acne-- YES. 5.Birth control causes acne-- NO 6.Birth control tricks your body into thinking its pregnant-- YES 7. pregnancy tests come out positive while on it-- NO 8.You won't be able to fit into any of your old clothes--NO 9. It reduces PMS--YES 10. shorter periods-- YEs...went from 7 day periods to 4 day periods. Although, keep in mind it will take your body about 4-6 months to get used to synthetic hormones. You may have a slight breakout or irregular period until your body adjusts to the Pills.

Stacia Stacia
Baba Yaga Koshlei the Deathless there's a narrative obtainable about a sword that ought to reduce through something, and a guard that ought to dam something. Clarence became the call of a sword used for knighting in Arthurian legends, yet contained in the top, Mordred ended up using it in conflict. there is also legends surrounding the Wild Hunt (Herne or Odin leads it, searching on which version you lookup)
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Prissy Prissy
Just use a good leave in conditioner! Try Garnier Frutics Length and strength OR Herbal Essences Long Term Relationship.
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Prissy Originally Answered: Hair product is best for horrible, dry, and frizzy hair?
If you want to run out and pick something up locally, I recommend trying the following products: - Drugstore: L'oreal out of bed weightless texturizer (black tub, use under gel), LA Looks or Herbal essences gels, Suave naturals or vo5 conditioners, L'oreal vive pro hydra gloss or nutri gloss for curly hair, red Cream of Nature shampoo - Organic/specialty store (like whole foods): Giovanni Direct Leave in condish, G conditioners, G tea tree shampoo, Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose or White Camellia Conditioners, AO B-5 Design gel - ULTA: Devacurl products, Biosilk rock hard gelee, MOP-c curl defining cream (They also carry drugstore products and giovanni.) These are all good things I have used, but be sure to tinker around with amounts and how you use any products. For hair type specific products check out these forums: http://www.naturallycurly.com/curltalk/ There you can find others with the same hair type and try out some of their favorite products. However, the most popular ones are usually only available online. Here are some basic tips for curly hair that you might find helpful: *Try to find a stylist who knows how to work with curly hair. You can find reviews by region here: http://www.naturallycurly.com/curlsalons *Don't shampoo every day. *Comb conditioner through hair in the shower. *Apply styling products to dripping wet hair. Scrunch or twirl hair to achieve desired shape. *Use styling products suited for your hair type. Don’t know yours? http://www.naturallycurly.com/hair-types *Avoid terrycloth towels on hair; use linen, paper towels, or t-shirts instead. *Air dry or use a diffuser with your blowdryer. *Don't touch (or brush!) your hair while it’s drying. *Once completely dry scrunch out any crunchy texture. Lastly, it has made my hair so much better since I started the curly girl method! I used to almost never wear it down (it was a frizz/poof ball), but now I have pretty, shiny curls. ~:) It’s pretty radical—no sulfates (shampoo) or silicones—but it’s so great for curly hair. Give it a shot and check it out: http://www.wikihow.com/Follow-the-Curly-Girl-Method-for-Curly-Hair http://www.ylcf.org/gotcurl/ (outdated product recs!) Some other great curly care sites: http://www.youtube.com/user/jessicurl http://livecurlylivefree.com/home.htm

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