how do you handal this? 10 POINTS?

how do you handal this? 10 POINTS? Topic: how do you handal this? 10 POINTS?
October 20, 2019 / By Billy
Question: right now i'm 16 years old and i hate my home contry (wich is america by the way) take no offance america lovers i won't list the things i hate cuzz if i did that would prevoke the peopul who do like america, no matter whair i go and no matter what i do i can never meet anyone who understands the culture i'm into, i'm into the japanese culture and i've ben doing evrything i can to live just like a japanese person here in america but thair are so menny things that are apart of the japanese culture that isin't even in america. also i hate the american culture but i always get rebelled as being called "a deamon" or "evil" when i say anything about it. also my hole life i've ben thinking of moving to japan once i graduate from college but thair are menny things that are stoping me such as; #1 i don't have any way of lurning the japanese langwege exsept throw anime (in death note light says "shinigami" means "god of death" when he meets one or in XXXholic then watonuci's frainds ask him "your name watanuci means 'april fools day' but isin't that also your birthday?") that's my only sorce of lurning the japanese langwge wich isin't any help at all and i can't find anything that helps me read write and talk in japanese #2 i'm always traped in the house never to leave for anything but school, can't hang out anywair, can't viset anyone, can't go to clubs, can't wonder the city, can't go for a walk, can't look for any events. this really stops me from being able to look for anything that will help exspeshaly since when i look it up online the only websites that pop up are just stuff for vacation and music vidoes and thair's nothing that tells you how to lurn the japanese langwege with no resorses and how you can plan out all your high school years and to plan out collge to forcefuly be alowed to moove to japan and be sesseful over thair. i do evrything in my life acording to the japanese such as when i thank someone i bow to them, or i only wach anime this one isin't a choice i wach anime cuzz i like them better then any other movies or shows not cuzz thair japanese and some anime are amiracan wich i still like. so when evryone gets talking about what thair faverot movie or show is my classmates always give awnsers like; fredy VS jason X-men transformers harry poter scooby doo my awnsers are always; spirited away naruto duel monsters GX the grate yokai war full metal alchemist XXXholic then when evryone is asked to list games they like to play my classmate's awnsers are always; halo 3 metal gear gitar hero or something about vaperising alins and zombis my awnsers are always; radiata storys dot hack ultimite ninja star ocain kingdom hearts and when we are asked about are favret food most of the peopul awnser pizza, burgers or chiken and i always awnser instent raman in a cup, shrimp and rice. also i read manga wich are made to read backwards and peopul complain at me on how i read books from right to left when they wer made that way if i get a book that reads left to right i will read it the correct way but, amost evry book i read are made to read from right to left and peopul complain about it. i have no acsess to anything that teaches about japanese history. i hate american music, music isin't sapost to be about making loud electronech noises wail yelling as loud as you can repeating the same thing over and over. music is soppost to be an art about convying your emosains and each line is sopost to be different. i usewely wach japanese music vidioes with subtitles so i can understand the song and in all japanese song i've lisend to this one you'll see by clicking on this website is the MOST electronic one i've heared http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KYST7X3qd... my favoret singers are kenn and bowl. bowl sounds like a 31 year old and he sings very sad songs and when he sings he's voice ALWAYS sounds sad when he sings. kenn sounds and looks like a 17 year old he sings J-pop songs that are very cheerful songs that have a very fast beat the song in this site was his bigets hit it's called "wake up your heart" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ae-K5LK19... you can get the english translation by e-mailing me or by useing wikipidiea. and peopul get all predegist over me when i talk about this kind of music but they have no problem talking about that crapy heavy metal and rap. sorry but i like J-pop and violin music and i hate lisening to heavy metal and rap reason. heavy metal and rap singers don't show any emosans in thair voice when singing exsept anger wich is the easiest and cheepest emosain and the music has no beat and no lessen in the lyrics. wair in J-pop the music has a beat such as the song i listed from earlyer it's beat is the same as your heart beat when your running and the music i lisen to have lessens in thair lyrics. like in the song "endless dreams" the song talks about useing determenation and never giving up to reach your goals and give yourserlf mean
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Acer Acer | 3 days ago
I have absolutely no idea what your actual question is, but I do hope that if you do move to Japan you will do more justice to spelling there than you've done here. No offense, truly, but if you expect to get to college in any country, you seriously need to put in a wee bit more effort and trust me, this is coming from a lady who really does not spell terribly well! Spell check is a lovely invention. As for the rest, if you don't like this country, no big deal, to each his own. You might want to look into becoming a foreign exchange student when you get to college. With any luck, you'll end up able to stay, assuming you really like it as much as you think you do. Remember, though, a culture is more than movies and ramen in a cup. You're really not going to understand it until you live there. Good luck.
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Acer Originally Answered: Why did i get -5 points for asking a question?
Unfortunately, there is no other way... You have to sacrifice your 5 points if you want to ask a question. You'll get 2 back, when you rate it. The best way to get the points is to answer somebody Else's questions. Good luck, Svetlana

Sophie Sophie
[[ I LOVE Spirited Away!! ]] --> and you know what? I really don't know how to live in America with your situation..I am sorry you feel that way and It's true there is no real heavy Japanese culture in America [where i live we have "China Town" where there is LOTS of Asian culture and most, if not all the stores in China Town are owned by Asians!!!] But, I really think once you are done with college you should definatley move to Japan. Good Luck ^_~
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Posey Posey
Japanese lifestyle is very disciplined and precise; you seem to be the polar opposite of all they espouse. You need to learn English FIRST, incl spelling and grammar, then learn Japanese but you need to be disciplined and understand there is more to Japanese life than anime. Right now your spelling is appalling, virtually incomprehensible.
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Maura Maura
Well, if you are trying to spell just as well as someone who just arrived from Japan, then congratulations, you managed to do that also. It's okay, don't move to Japan. Considering your inability to learn your own language (English) you will never be capable of learning a language like Japanese.
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Maura Originally Answered: 10 easy points! what should i do?
What a jerk your so-called friend is! That really sucks. Is it possible to talk to the person you fancy? If that person is going to hear about it anyway, it might feel better for you to regain some control over the situation. Also, talking about how you are feeling to someone you trust, or writing about it online or in a journal. a way to get those feelings out. You probably don't want to eat. You should try to make yourself eat, at least a little bit, to keep yourself stronger and healthier. And certainly drink water. Drinking a calming tea with things like valerian, st. john's wort, passion flower, skullcap, chamomile can help if you are feeling anxious and stressed about it - these are anti-anxiety/muscle relaxants. they can temporarily dull the tension and pain (with out side effects or addictions - if you are on meds just make sure there aren't contraindications with them) and help you sleep, if you need that. Physically, exercise really can help. It releases endorphins, too, (like cutting can) and can exhaust your body, rather than your mind. Psychologically, i guess take care of yourself. Remind yourself that this will all blow over. You will find people you can trust. And she will get bored and stop telling people. People will forget about it and in time, the pain you are feeling will also heal over time. it really will, even if it doesn't feel like that now. I know that doesn't make NOW any better, but maybe you can look a little to the future - even imagine how you would like to feel abou tthis. Otheriwse, different things work for different people. I need to shut down for a while - do mindless things and feel like ****. Some folks need to listen to sad music, or whatnot. Dude. i'm sorry though. it sucks. But you will get through it.

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